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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

The .44 Magnum makes its first appearance in the series in Far Cry 3.

"An American-made revolver that packs some serious punch at close range but has limited ammo capacity. It can be used while on the Zipline."

In-Game Handbook
Far Cry 3

"The Magnum revolvers here on Rook Island are actually part of a shipment originally bound for disgruntled North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. Vaas, always on the lookout for more firepower, intercepted the cargo ship, seized the handguns and left a present in their place. No one knows what it was, but Kim Jong dropped dead the day it arrived. Coincidence? Do corporate lawyers have souls?"

Survival Guide
Far Cry 3

The standard variant in Far Cry 3 is simply called the .44 Magnum.

It is unlocked for free in the stores after deactivating eleven Radio Towers.

The look of the .44 Magnum can be customized with one of six available paint schemes. Each scheme costs $200 and does not affect weapon performance.


"A customized .44 Magnum with extended barrel, optical sight, 6 round chamber, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy and damage."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 3

The Prestige variant in Far Cry 3 is the .44 Magnum Cannon.



  • The .44 Magnum in Far Cry 3 is based on the "Stealth Hunter" variant of the Smith & Wesson Model 629.[1]


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