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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

Appearing in Far Cry 4, the .700 Nitro is a high-powered side-by-side shotgun used for hunting dangerous game.

The standard version, the .700 Nitro is a side-by-side hunting rifle found in Far Cry 4.

The .700 Nitro is unlocked for purchase by completing the mission City of Pain. It can be purchased for a whopping 75,750, or unlocked for free by Longinus by liberating 15 Bell Towers. Since there are just 10 Bell Towers in southern Kyrat, this require reaching northern Kyrat, specifically, require completing the mission A Key to the North.

Immensely powerful, and able to drop bodies - be they animal or humanoid - the .700 Nitro is capable of laying down carnage; however, the damage is offset by the two round capacity, as reloading at close- or medium-range when engaged with alerted targets can likely lead to the user being mowed down by faster and rapid small-arms fire.


This Signature version of the .700 Nitro, the Elephant Gun has increased firepower. As the name would imply, the rifle can be used to easily bag dangerous game up to and including Elephants

This weapon, along with the Harpoon Gun is useful for taking out Elephants, Rhinos, and other large or dangerous game with only a headshot to kill them.

Like many other weapons, it can be unlocked through ownership of the Season Pass for Far Cry 4.

Compared to the standard .700 Nitro, the Elephant Gun notably has a gold-engraved receiver and barrels, with the metal alloy used on the barrels themselves being of a darker metal. In addition, the stock of the weapon is a different style of wood.



  • Nitro Express rifles are named for the composition of their early smokeless gunpowder.
  • It is the only non explosive weapon in the game that can reliably one shot a Honey Badger while keeping the pelt intact.
  • The weapon uses sniper ammunition, and is incredibly loud; this makes stealth with the weapon difficult to the point of near impossibility. To compensate for this, it has high accuracy and damage.
  • The real-world term "Elephant Gun" is used for any of a number of high caliber weapons used for hunting animals that are classified as either "big game" or "dangerous game" creatures. The power of the round and weapon is justified as the animal needs to be subdued quickly, as enraging the animal by wounding it would likely mean serious injury - or even death - for the hunter.
  • Owing to the weapon's power, the gun can kill animals such as Elephants and Rhinos with one well-placed shot to the head.[1]
  • .700 Nitro is among the largest non-military sport hunting rifle rounds in the world; a single round can easily cost upwards of $100 USD.[2]


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