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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

Appearing in Far Cry 3, the 1911 is an American-made semi-automatic handgun chambered in .45 ACP. It has no attachments, and is unlocked at the start of the game. A customized variant known as the Shadow can be unlocked later in the game.

"A classic .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun that can be used while on a Zipline. It is a solid all-around performer at short range, and can be fitted with a sound suppressor.[sic]"

In-Game Handbook
Far Cry 3

"Talk about a classic as American as apple pie and immigration fences, this .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol has been in use worldwide for more than 100 years. Fortunately, the ones found on Rook Island aren’t cheap Chinese knock-offs. These custom 1911s purchased by a local big shot for his private army are virtually identical to those used by some U.S. Special Ops teams."

Survival Guide

The 1911 is a handgun in Far Cry 3 and the first obtainable firearm in the game, costing only $60 and capable of being purchased as soon as the player arrives in Amanaki. It replaces the role the Star .45 filled in Far Cry 2.

The 1911 sports moderate damage & accuracy, and a quick reload time, but a small magazine size. It is the only pistol that does not accept attachments, but can be customized with skins. It can kill a regular enemy in roughly 3 to 4 hits, but is, like most handguns, a bad choice for hunting large animals. Its biggest drawback compared to other pistols is that it cannot be suppressed, while the 6P9 can be fitted with a suppressor.


"A customized 1911 with a larger magazine, silencer, and custom paint. Enhanced for accuracy and stealth."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 3

The answer to the problem of the 1911 not having attachments, the 1911 "Shadow" features not only a suppressor, but an extended magazine and a red dot sight as well.

It becomes available for purchase by liberating 17 of the Outposts in the game. The Shadow is quite expensive, being priced at $2,600 in the gun shop. It has a much higher accuracy than the standard 1911, almost reaching that of a sniper rifle. This, and the included silencer and red dot sight makes it perfect for silent and quick kills, even at medium range.



  • The 1911 as it appears in Far Cry 3 is a Kimber Warrior.[1]
  • This is the only gun to have the "Fierce" paint job in Far Cry 3
  • Even though the description says it can be suppressed, the normal 1911 cannot accept any attachments in Far Cry 3, unless used in multiplayer.
    • It is not known why the ability to customize the weapon was removed, though the description alone means attachments could be used on the 1911 at some point in Far Cry 3's development, although they do appear on the "Shadow" variant.
  • As in Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5, the unused attachment rail appears during cutscenes when used by Jason or NPCs such as Dennis Rogers or Vaas Montenegro, but at no point during actual gameplay.


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