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Far Cry 5

The 45/70 is a weapon found in Far Cry 5. As the name implies, it is chambered in .45-70 Government rounds, and holds four rounds in the internal tube magazine, with the number increased to six when the extended magazine upgrade is equipped.

"This classic .45 cal lever action rifle was designed for hunting and usually rests inside of a cabin in the woods."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The standard full-length classic version, is the 45/70. It holds four rounds in the magazine tube, and can use short-, medium-, and long-range rifle scopes.

The 45/70 becomes available to the player once they reach a combined total of two Resistance levels in any of the three regions of Hope County.

Compared to the 45/70-T, it has an extra point in Accuracy and Range, but a point less in Handling and Rate of Fire; having 7 Accuracy, 6 Range, but 5 Rate of Fire and Handling.


"This tactical grade .45 cal lever action rifle was designed for law enforcement and usually sleeps in police stations."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

A shorter, tactical variant, the 45/70-T bears a striking similarity to a Mare's Leg.[1]

The 45/70-T has the trade-off of having an extra point in Handling and Rate of Fire, by taking a point away from its Accuracy and Range stats. While it fires and reloads faster, it is not as accurate, and is aimed more at close- to mid-range engagements where the fire rate and faster reload would be essential.

The 45/70-T becomes available to the player once they reach a combined total of three Resistance levels in any of the three regions of Hope County.


"This 45/70 has the spirit of Fall's End's founder."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The 45/70 "Fall's Ghost" is a Prestige variant with black furniture, and the seal of the town of Fall's End on the stock and receiver.

It has the same stats and mod options as the standard 45/70, but lacks any paint skins.



  • Like many other lever-action style firearms, the 45/70 is a "load-as-you-go" rifle, which allows the user to load missing rounds manually one at a time into the side loading gate, similar to pump-action weapons such as the M133.
    • Keeping this in mind, along with the minimal magazine size, it is good practice to load during pauses in engagements, as loading each round is relatively fast.
    • Along with the former, it is important to remember that the 45/70 is not a good weapon for panic shots, and is better served from stealth or surprise engagements, where having the initial shot can determine the outcome.
  • The 45/70 has enough damage to incapacitate or eliminate most targets with even a single torso shot.
    • This can allow skilled players to outdo those using faster-firing weapons such as the AR-C with clean shots to the head.
    • Armor piercing rounds out of the 45/70 deal approx. twice as much damage as standard rifle rounds and are comparable to standard .50 rounds in terms of damage.
    • While using the armor piercing ammo with the 45/70, a single torso shot can fully kill an Angel and a single head shot can down almost any animal in the game, including bears, bison and moose.
    • Even the toughest enemies in the game, such as Cult VIPs and Heavy Gunners and Flamers, can be taken out by torso shots with 5-6 standard rifle rounds or 2-3 armor piercing rounds.
  • The 45/70 is the only Rifle class weapon capable of killing a Cult VIP in a single headshot with a standard rifle round.
  • When reloading in regular rifle ammo, one can notice the bullet being relatively small, approximately a Magnum size. However, when loading in armor piercing rounds the bullets become correctly sized 45/70 Government rounds.
  • Every round that is fired from the 45/70 automatically counts as armor piercing and can punch through most vehicles, even the standard rifle rounds.
  • While under the effects of "The Fast" homeopathic, the Deputy reloads the 45/70 much faster, potentially making it a tide-turner in a hectic firefight.
  • If the player can spare the weapon slots to carry both, switching between the 45/70 and the 45/70-T is significantly faster than reloading either one seperately.
  • The 45/70 reload animation can be interrupted by punching or kicking or throwing a rock. This enables the player to stop reloading before the magazine is full, which can be useful in emergency situations where one or two shots are needed quickly.
  • Shots from the 45/70 travel much further and flatter than shots from other weapons in the Rifle class, comparable to shots from a Sniper class weapon.
  • The damage of the 45/70 is actually higher than any Sniper class weapon other than the .50 rifles, making it a solid choice for sniping if the player can work with the lower magnification on the scope.
  • At launch, the 45/70 and 45/70-T illogically had the same stats.[2]
    • After update v1.5.0, the stats for the 45/70-T were changed to more accurately suit the "Mare's Leg" style of the 45/70-T.[3]
  • The 45/70 in Far Cry 5 appears to be based on the Marlin 1894 lever action rifle, which was never actually chambered for the .45-70 Government round for which the Far Cry 5 weapon is named.[4]
  • In title update 6, the 45/70 and its variants were given the option for an extended magazine upgrade, raising the capacity from four rounds to six.[5]
  • The 45/70 is one of the few guns in the game that can shoot out a tire in a single shot, either with a AP round or a standard round after the Vehicle Buster perk is acquired.

Far Cry New Dawn

Makeshift 45/70-T

"A great alternative to sniper rifles! It may have a spray paint can on the end, but don't look for paint to come out when you pull the trigger."

The 45/70-T returns in Far Cry New Dawn as a Rank 2 weapon. The Makeshift 45/70-T has a spray paint can attached to the tip of its barrel to serve as an improvised silencer. The barrel also appears to be held together by copper wire, and the lower chamber appears to have been destroyed, and thus replaced with a hollowed out piece of copper to serve as a makeshift replacement. there is also a scope on top of the weapon, which is held in place by an elastic band around the weapon itself. The stock also appears to be partially wrapped in duct tape.


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