The  Far Cry  Vehicles
Off-road 4WD Vehicle
Utility Utility Truck · Forklift
Boats Inflatable Boat · Patrol Boat
Air Vehicles Hang Glider · Cargo Chopper · Helicopter Gunship

The 4WD Vehicle is a bigger, heavier and tougher version of the Buggy.


The 4WD vehicle has no doors and a large body that looks like a humvee.

4WD vehicles come with a mounted machine gun/rocket launcher combo which gives the driver an advantage over enemies on foot and in other vehicles. The 4WD vehicle is slower and larger than the Buggy, thus is more liable to get hit by enemy fire or get stuck, but it is overall a better choice of vehicle when planning to assault enemy encampments.


The vehicle has a Machine Gun and a Rocket Launcher attached to it making it very good against almost every enemy.