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The A.J.M. 9 is a handgun that appears in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 6



  • The name of the A.J.M. 9 refers to the 1987 science-fiction film RoboCop, bearing the initials of the Detroit police officer and titular cyborg character, Alex J. Murphy. The weapon is also modeled after the Auto 9, RoboCop's modified Beretta 93R.[1]
    • Likewise, the "DPD" referenced in the description stands for Detroit Police Department, and the use of the word "creep" is from the line used in the movie where Murphy says, "Your move, creep." to a criminal after dispatching his partner.[2]
  • The weapon's ammo capacity is 9, which increases to 12 with the extended magazine attachment. However, this is inaccurate to the real-world Beretta 93R's standard magazine, which holds 15 rounds by default, with extended magazines increasing the size to 17 or 20, depending on the magazine used.
  • The other weapon to reference RoboCop in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the Kobracon.
  • Due to a bug in Far Cry 4, the A.J.M. 9 can not be used while playing offline.
  • In the PS3 version of the game is possible to use the gun in offline mode.
  • Omega Force soldiers have this handgun in their holsters, they don't use it however. Rex can use it through Gunslinger Takedown.


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