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The A2000 is a sub-machine gun featured in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3

“The A2000 is an average performer across the board, neither excelling nor faltering in any category when compared to other weapons in its class.”
in-game handbook

“Here’s an Eastern European firearm that has managed to spread to Rook Island like a bad case of Bulgarian beet thigh. A suppressor can be slapped on these 9mm sub machineguns for discreet killing. All of Rook’s A2000s are leftovers from the Bosnian War, the island's doing its part to recycle!”
Survival Guide

The A2000 first appears in Far Cry 3.

This SMG is unlocked for free after deactivating 5 Radio Towers.


The A2000 could be modified with one of three available attachments. The A2000 can have two different attachments applied at once (which means players cannot mount two sight attachments at once).

Icon Attachment Price
(FC3) Attachment Sound Suppressor
Sound Suppressor — Attaching a suppressor to a weapon makes it virtually silent. Ideal for situations that require stealth. $400
(FC3) Attachment Red Dot Sight
Red Dot Sight — This sight is designed for rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy. $300
(FC3) Attachment Reflex Sight
Reflex Sight — This sight is designed for rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy. $300

Paint Jobs

The look of A2000 could be customized with one of six available paint schemes. Each scheme costs $200 and does not affect weapon performance.


  • Good accuracy will help you get your shots on your target but remember it behaves like the Skorpion so it still has to be used for close quarters combat.
  • Adding Sights to the A2000 will help its range problem a bit or by adding Reduced Recoil rounds in multiplayer.


Far Cry 4

The A2000 returns in Far Cry 4, this time being the standard SMG for the Royal Army, most notably used by their snipers. It has lost its ability to mount a suppressor, but can have extended mags instead. It is fast and relatively accurate, as well as having a quick reload. However, its magazine size is relatively low, which massively degrades its usefulness against groups of enemies (like in the arena) and makes ext. magazines a boon when trying to use it to take out/defend outposts or to eliminate large groups of enemies.



  • In reality, the A2000 is called Agram 2000, a Croatian sub-machine gun based on Beretta's PM12.
  • The A2000 is carried as a backup weapon by Pirate Snipers, as well as Royal Army Snipers, as opposed to a pistol.
  • In Far Cry 4, enemy snipers can fire this weapon while driving a vehicle, something the player is incapable of doing.

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