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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

"Israel's answer to the AK, this rifle delivers a heavy punch best served in short bursts thanks to its even heavier recoil."

A52 description

The A52 is an assault rifle featured in Far Cry 4.

The A52 is a fully-automatic, two handed assault rifle with high damage output and heavy recoil, available from the Trading Post. The A52 is a recommendation for players favoring head-on fights, with its capabilites in combat being hindered by being unable to accept a suppressor. It's bullets are capable of penetrating multiple assailants in a line.


It becomes available after completing the mission Payback along with the D50, the SA-50 and the MG42.



  • This weapon also appears in Far Cry 3 under the name ACE.
  • It's also worth noting that the in-game model is still based on ACE 53, the longest variant. The real-life ACE 52 has a 25-round magazine and shorter barrel while the in-game version has a 30-round magazine and longer barrel.
  • The A52 is an Israeli battle rifle based on the IWI ACE 52. It fires the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge.
  • A signature variant of the A52 named the ACE is still present in the Far Cry 4 game files and can be unlocked through modding. Judging by the stats, the ACE is largely inferior to both the A52 and the P416's signature variant. It may have been cut simply because of the difficulty of balancing it and keeping it an improved version of the A52 while at the same time having both advantages and disadvantages against the Bushman.