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A fully-automatic machine pistol that can be used in a sidearm slot, the A99 appears in Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5; appearing in Far Cry Arcade in the latter.

Far Cry 4

Appearing in Far Cry 4, the A99 and the Signature variant, the Rebel are sidearm-capable machine pistols that use handgun rounds.

“This full-auto machine pistol has been banned in a number of countries. Its ease-of-use and stopping power are renowned.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 4

The A99 as it appears in Far Cry 4 sports a high cyclic rate of fire, along with being able to be used in a sidearm slot.

The A99 is unlocked after completing the mission Payback.

In its Far Cry 4 incarnation, it can be fitted with a suppressor, an extended magazine, or one of several sights; although it is limited to two of the previous at any given time due to only having two mod slots. It uses standard pistol ammo, which means it shares its ammunition supply with other pistols and handguns.

When combined with a suppressor, the A99 proves capable at clearing Outposts, as it can eliminate Royal Army soldiers in only a few hits, with shots to the head being easy kills when using controlled fire.

However, the ammo pool is not without a downside, and must be upgraded in order to give Ajay the supplies needed to sustain long engagements.


“Adding a drum magazine to this modified A99 removes the need to constantly reload, making it a must for drivers looking to steer and shoot.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 4

The Rebel is the signature version of the A99, and is unlocked by liberating 10 Outposts. It comes attached with an extended drum magazine and red dot sight, and sacrifices a suppressor and lieu of accuracy and damage.


Far Cry 5

“This full-auto machine pistol did a couple of seasons of a Miami crime TV drama in the 80s. It still gets residuals.”
In-Game Descriuption
Far Cry 5

The A99 appears once again in Far Cry 5; in this appearance, it maintain the sidearm slot capability, but swaps to using the same sub-machine gun rounds used by the MP5 or Vector .45 ACP, making using a pistol and the A99 far less intensive on the ammo pool.


Far Cry New Dawn

“Red Tape isn't so bad! Think of it as "festive".”
Weapon Desctiption
Far Cry New Dawn

The A99 returns in Far Cry New Dawn as a Rank 4 weapon. The "X-Mas Tape" A99 is affixed with a scope, which is held in place by elastic bands. A spray paint can is attached to the barrel, to serve as an improvised silencer. the Magazine and the grip are wrapped in red X-Mas tape, as the weapon name implies.


  • The original design is based on the Swedish Interdynamic KG-99.[1]
  • It looks like the safety is always on in this weapon (charging handle is pushed inwards).
  • If you look close, one can read "9mm CAL" on the bolt.
  • Ajay/Hurk holds the A99 in the intended way. The thumb of the left hand rides on the top of the other fingers. If the thumb would be behind the magazine it could cause the magazine to be dropped, because the magazine catch is located there.
  • The "Basically Fatigued" skin in Far Cry 5 was originally a copy of the default weapon skin, as it modified the weapon in no way.[2]
    • This was changed in Title Update 7 to give it a blue camouflage pattern.[3]
  • The description of the A99 in Far Cry 5 is a reference to the TV show Miami Vice, which frequently used a variant of the TEC-9, the KG-99, as a look-a-like stand-in during shooting.[4]


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