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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

"The ACE is an Israeli assault rifle that is described by many as an improved AK47, because if you want to kill or hear kitsch folk sayings while eating koogle, you turn to the Jews. When the latest versions of the ACE went into mass production a local warlord made sure to grease a few palms so that a small run was sent directly to Rook Island."

Survival Guide

The ACE is an Israeli battle rifle, the IWI ACE 53. It is fully automatic and fires the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. It has a 30-round magazine as standard.

The in-game model appears to be an ACE 53, the longest variant. The real-life model has a 25-round magazine while the in-game version has a 30-round magazine.

This weapon is unlocked for free by deactivating 13 Radio Towers. It's better to get it this way instead of paying the $2,250 fee. Since there are just 11 Radio Towers in North Rook Island, unlocking it for free requires reaching South Rook Island, specifically, by completing the mission Fly South.

Tips & Uses

The ACE is one of the best, if not the best, assault rifle in the game, more powerful than the F1 and other rifles of the same category in almost every area in the single player mode. Its only downside being its heavy recoil, which can be compensated for by firing in short, controlled bursts.

The ACE is capable of downing 2 to 3 heavy mercenaries, especially with an extended magazine.

The ACE is highly recommended for players who like an up-front fight, when they have good control of the recoil.

Despite its overwhelming capabilities in most forms of combat, be wary that the ACE cannot be equipped with a silencer.

Paint Jobs

The ACE features six paint applications. They each cost $200 and do not affect the weapon's performance.



  • It is the last assault rifle to be unlocked in multiplayer at rank 70, due to its balanced stats.
  • It has a 30-round magazine by default despite the fact that the magazine used appears to be a 25-round magazine.
  • In single-player it is unlocked before the P416, despite being superior in almost all areas, except for fire rate and recoil, possible because the P416 can be unlocked simply by picking it up from dead privateers and unlocked as a result.
  • The ACE deals about twice as much damage as the AK-47, and is the most damaging assault rifle in the game.
  • Privateers, Rakyat and Pirates will never use or wield this gun in single player or Co-op.
  • The weapon returns in Far Cry 4 under the name A52.