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A long-range variant of its cousin, the AR-CL uses the same ammunition as the AR-C, with the added bonus of a longer barrel and more powerful optical sights.

With the AR-CL being operator-friendly, extensively modifiable, and ammo being plentiful, it can be found frequently in the hands of both Resistance fighters, as well as the Project at Eden's Gate cultists. The Guns for Hire specialist companion Grace Armstrong even uses a custom-painted AR-CL.

Unlike the other Sniper Rifle weapons such as the SA-50 and MBP .50, when the AR-CL does not have a scope upgrade attached, it will have an Enhanced Ranger sight instead of the usual Marksman Sight.

"A semi-automatic rifle manufactured to maintain long distance relationships, or eliminating[sic] them."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The AR-CL is one of the earliest DMR-style sniper rifles available in the game; being obtainable both from the store and from killing Project at Eden's Gate snipers on watchtowers and rooftops.

Like the assault rifle AR-C, the AR-CL has the ability to use semi-automatic, three-round burst, and automatic fire, being the only sniper rifle-class weapon to have this ability.

However, the AR-CL has a reduced magazine size, having only ten rounds by default, with an additional five if the extended magazine is equipped. Because of this, it is important to refrain from using burst and automatic fire from the AR-CL, as the magazine does not have the capacity to sustain high volumes of suppression fire.

"This AR-CL is just like a shark. You know how sharks are, right?"

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

In all ways statistically identical, Sharkbite is a Prestige weapon painted in a shark-mouth livery similar to the M79, 1911, and AR-C weapons that also feature this type of paint.

The Sharkbite can equip the same mods available on the standard AR-CL, except for skins.

Like all other Prestige items, the Sharkbite is not available in the Far Cry Arcade editor.


  • Like the AR-C, the AR-CL is a fictional rifle based on a Mega Arms MATEN receiver with the .308 magazine well swapped for a 5.56mm version, using a handguard loosely based on the Daniel Defense MFR M-LOK with its distinctive "bolt-up" attachment system.
  • The name of the grey skin, "1 Shade of Grey" is likely a reference to the 2011 erotic novel and series Fifty Shades of Grey.[1]

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