Aw50 1
Damage 50 (instant kill of human opponents)
Magazine Size 5
Maximum Ammunition 30
Reload Time 2.5 sec
Fire Mode Bolt-Action
Ammunition .50 BMG
Used by Sniper

The  Far Cry  Weapons
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The AW50 is a high-caliber, long range weapon capable of taking out enemies from extreme distances.

The use of the sniper rifle in an open environment is of great advantage to the user as it allows long range dispatchment of enemies without being seen or heard. Although to get the best benefit out of this stealth infiltration, the gunner must be at maximum effective killing range.

The sniper's accuracy is also dependent on the players aiming position. If the player is standing while aiming, the scope will shake, making an accurate shot more difficult. If the player is kneeling, it is more stable and easier to get an accurate shot. The best position to use is prone, as it allows the sniper to get the best shots since the viewfinder does not move. The disadvantage of sniping from the prone position is that it does not allow the sniper to scope the environment for a kill vertically, it so can hinder sniping enemies from outpost towers unless in a maximum sight position, for example on a cliff overlooking a camp. However, this leaves the player open to return fire.

When wielding the sniper rifle, movement is slowed dramatically.

Far Cry Classic

In Far Cry Classic, the AW50 has been given a new model. It is now far more bulky in appearance, befitting of a rifle supposedly chambered for .50 caliber ammunition.