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A Right to Bear Arms is a Story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in Jacob Seed's region of Whitetail Mountains.


After liberating the F.A.N.G. Center in the Whitetail Mountains, the Deputy talks to Wade as he's scrubbing out some dried blood. The Center employee explains that when Jacob sent his cultists to raid the Center and capture the animals for study and conversion into fearsome Judges, Wade took the initiative and released Cheeseburger, a locally renowned grizzly bear, into the wilds to prevent his capture by Eden's Gate. Now that their threat has ended, he wants the Deputy to find him.

Relocating to a nearby pond, they fish for a chinook to bait Cheeseburger with and then follow Wade's radio call stating that the bear was last seen at the Linero Building Supplies site. After arriving and defeating the resident cultists, the Deputy finds the snoozing bear beside the waterfront. Approaching, Cheeseburger awakens and threatens them until they drop the salmon at his feet. Munching on his favorite food, he accepts the Deputy's petting hand, just as another wave of Peggies arrives to capture the grizzly for their "Father."

Fighting off the second attempt on Cheeseburger's freedom, Wade calls in his thanks and accepts to leaving the grizzly in the Deputy's hands, so long as they don't nark and feed him cheeseburgers, on account of "the diabetes."


  • 600 RP in Whitetail Mountains
  • Cheeseburger as a Fang for Hire
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