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Aaron Kirby, commonly known as Tweak, is a character found in Far Cry 5. He can be found inspecting the underside of the dumpster at Aubrey's Diner. Due to him never being seen nor referenced in Far Cry New Dawn, it is ultimately unknown what became of him.

Far Cry 5

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When The Junior Deputy finds Aaron "Tweak" Kirby, he can be found inspecting the underside of the dumpster at Aubrey's Diner. When the Deputy talks to him, he explains that he is a self-styled chemist that is against the Project at Eden's Gate Cult working on "performance enhancers" for The Resistance and offers to make these "performance enhancer" drugs for the Deputy who he surmised is also an enemy of the Cult. However, he is low on supplies.


Main Article: Fast During the mission Fast, he tasked the Deputy to scavenge some of his ingredients and to meet him at the town of Prosperity. After giving him the supplies, he wants the Deputy to run his obstacle course in order to test their reflexes so that he can provide them with the proper dosage.

After completing the course, Tweak gives the Deputy a drug called Fast that gives the Deputy enhanced speed and tasked him to run the obstacle course again while intoxicated to test out the drug. After completing the course, Tweak gives the Deputy the recipe for Fast.


Main Article: Furious

When the Deputy returns to Tweak, he tells them that he is planning on diversifying his product line and is working on a drug called Furious to enhance a person's strength. Tweak wants the Deputy to test out the Furious drug by punching his captive Angels into the town's fire pit. Then to kill all the remaining Angels left. After completing the test, Tweak is delighted that his drug worked and gives the Deputy the recipe for Furious. Tweak urges the Deputy to use his recipes for good, which Tweak hopes will make up for his father's transgressions.



  • According to Tweak's dialogue, he said his dad helped the Peggies' cook their "special sauce" and used his guinea pig Hamlet as his test subject. This might imply that his father had a hand in creating Bliss. He seems to hate his dad and wants to make up for his father's transgressions.
  • Tweak has a stutter.
  • Tweak is also the name of a character in South Park
  • It is suspected that Tweak may be a drug addict or a drug user.


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