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Aced in the Hole
Mission information
Faction Hoyt’s privateers
Given by Sam Becker
Reward unknown
Start Hoyt's Compound
End Hoyt's compound
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Black Gold Betting Against the House

Aced in the Hole is the thirty-sixth mission of Far Cry 3.

Sam and Jason go to Hoyt's mansion to play poker, with a intention to kill Hoyt and rescue Riley. Unfortunately, their plan fails, as Hoyt had a different plan of his own, killing Sam and forcing Jason to play a futile game of poker. After a dream sequence knife fight with Hoyt, Jason emerges victorious, though with one fewer finger.


Sam is talking to Jason and prepares him for the action plan. He tells Jason that he has a knife hidden in his boot, and he (Jason) distracts Hoyt when he says "Deal". The two then proceed to enter the room where Hoyt is in, who invites them to seat down for the poker game. Hoyt offers the guests food, but Jason declines. The three then proceed to play Poker. At the end of the first round, Hoyt grabs a knife and stabs Sam in the neck, fatally wounding him. The Privateers have now surrounded Jason and force him to continue playing. After several defeats in the poker game (which are scripted therefore unavoidable), Hoyt stands up, saying "You know what Jason? I'm going to go easy on you, since you're a family man. One finger every time you lose!". The surrounding Privateers have now grabbed Jason's hands and hold them against the table, while Hoyt is taking the knife that killed Sam and draining the blood off it. Hoyt then proceeds to cut Jason's ring finger from his left hand, which causes Jason to enter a dreamy state, where he pulls off a knife and challenges Hoyt to a knife fight. During Jason's fight with Hoyt, Hoyt mentions he should be worried about Riley. He claims he sold him off to a client "in Yemen who likes them young". He is headed to a local airstrip to be put on an aircraft to be shipped off into slavery. After killing Hoyt, Jason has to fight through many of Hoyt's mercenaries to find and rescue Riley.



  • After Hoyt stabs Sam, Jason will only be given the choice to bet his life.
  • For some reason, Jason doesn't use his own machete with the fight with Hoyt but instead the standard knife the Privateers use.
  • If the player fails to press the last quick-time event button during the boss battle, the mission won't fail and Hoyt will also bleed out.