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Addi Mbantuwe
Affiliation U.F.L.L.
Rank Leader
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Nationality Indigenous to game world
Height 5'11" (180cm)
Hair Curly, black, cropped, receding
Eyes Light brown
Weight 210lbs (95.2kg)
Appearances Far Cry 2

Addi Mbantuwe is a local labor leader who has risen to prominence in the aftermath of the second civil war. Following the collapse of the state-run diamond industry (and cascading bankruptcies that resulted), the surviving leaders on both sides of the conflict fled the country. Mbantuwe stepped into the resulting vacuum and began rallying disenfranchised militia and labor to form a new cadre, which came to be known as the UFLL. He was the first person of significant authority to learn of the Jackal’s presence in-country, and sought him out at the Port Hotel with an interest in purchasing his inventory. His most important recent success was in securing the support of the Deputy Chief of the Gendarmerie and negotiating trade and mutual security deals with his immediate neighbors.

Far Cry 2

If the player is working for the UFLL, Addi Mbantuwe will be introduced to the player by Hector Voorhees in Act 2. The two then brief the player on all faction missions at the UFLL HQ in Port Selao. At the climax of Act 2, the UFLL betrayed the player and left him for dead. The player is discoverd by APR lieutenant Nick Greaves who tasked the player to assasinate Addi Mbantuwe to even the odds after the assassination of their own leader, Oliver Tambossa.

If the player chooses to act as Oliver Tambossa's representative in the climax of Act 2, The Jackal assassinates Addi Mbantuwe at the Bowaseko Brewing Company office.


  • The player can choose to kill him in Act 2.
  • Addi Mbantuwe is mentioned in the Jackal Tape entitled "Smuggling". From the sound of it, the two men have met at some point.
  • According to the Far Cry 2 manual, he was the leader of the outlawed "Authenticity Party" before he joined the UFLL.
  • Like many others, Mbantuwe seems to use the war to enrich himself. In a side-quest provided by Flora Guillen , the player can destroy a convoy containing his new furniture and plates made of gold.