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Airfield (Bowa-Seko)
Airfield BS 1
Region Bowa Seko
Airfield BS

Airfield is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the eastern sector of the Bowa Seko district.


The airfield's position is very awkward, as it is tightly surrounded by a mountainous formation, which would render flying in and out of it possible, but extremely dangerous.

Consisted of two large hangars and a locked house , it is similar to the airfield in Leboa Sako, albeit with much less room for maneuvering. A sniper platform is present to the south of the hangars, and an elevated series of rocks to the east of the runway provides excellent grounds for an assault .


The airfield has two entrances . The obvious one is from the road along the lake . Beware of an assault truck fitted with a .50 cal patrolling the road . The other entrance passes through the mountains to the east of the runway , and can be accessed from the vicinity of the checkpoint just north of the airfield .

Keep in mind that the area to the south of the runway , depicted as an opening in the mountains on the map , is in fact useless , and does not provide any entrance or exit way .

The best way to attack the place is by stealthily reaching the rocks to the east (try the eastern path for an easier route) and killing the enemy manning a Carl Gustav Launcher who can easily splatter you with rocket fire if left uncared for .

Using a light machine gun , a sniper rifle , a grenade launcher , or the Launcher from the dead guy , mow down the enemy as they charge uncovered towards your position across the runway , and snipe the ones under cover.

Do not forget to treat the sniper on the platform first , as he can give you a hard time even on easier difficulties .

On higher difficulties , the player should take special care not to let any enemy reach the mounted gun OR the assault truck turret under the platform , since those are both Mark 19s .


There are several enemies, including a mercenary with a Carl Gustav Rocket Launcher in the rocks across the airstrip from the buildings. When approaching the airfield, the player should take out the launcher first because it will splatter him if he stays in the target area for too long. There is also an RPG on a sniper lookout. If the player has a sniper rifle with him, it can be used to soften up the resistance. Moreover, the player can put the mercenary's launcher to good use . Under the platform , an assault truck fitted with the Mark 19 grenade launcher is parked , along with a mounted Mark 19 next to it.

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