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Airfield 1
Region Leboa-Sako

For the Bowa Seko location, see Airfield (Bowa-Seko). Airfield is a location in Far Cry 2.


It is located in the southern sector of the Leboa-Sako district.

There is a guard tower with one person on it along the road to the hangars. He has an M1903 and either a Star .45 or a MAC-10. Also there is an assault truck that patrols the airstrip. The hangar area consists of two aircraft hangars side by side and two buildings, one just before the hangars and the other just behind them. The hangars are also the location of some assassination targets.


The game starts in the airfield, the player having just arrived in one of the last incoming planes, and is just about going to head towards Pala in a taxi . The airfield has already been seized by mercenaries, although this hasn't prevented civilians from trying to escape the war-torn country in one of the UN planes . According to the taxi driver, the planes won't return, which means that the country and it's civilians will be left to their fate . Prior to that, it can be inferred that the airfield was the main way out of the country in Leboa-Sako .

Infiltration tactics

A good tactic is to sneak up to the tower and silently take out the guard, then use his sniper rifle to attack the men in the hangar area.

Another good tactic, provided you have a sniper rifle, is to get on the rock formation overlooking the airfield to the south, having approached from the desert to the south-west . This can make assassination missions particularly easy (provided your target is in one of the hangars) and a matter of a single shot followed by a fast retreat to the desert .


There is a diamond case in a container next to the easternmost hangar(the one with the Health Station in it).


  • If the Fortunes Pack DLC is downloaded, there will be a A.T.V by the sniper tower.
  • Along the left side of the runway, an aircraft which appears to be Cessna 152 has crashed in a ditch.
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