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All in
Mission information
Faction Hoyt's privateers
Given by Hoyt Volker
Reward 3000 XP
Start Hoyt's Compound
End Hoyt's Compound
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Deepthroat Paint It Black

All in is the thirty-third mission of Far Cry 3.

Jason, disguised as a new privateer recruit Foster, and Sam arrive at Hoyt's compound and try to convince Hoyt let Jason into his inner circle. Hoyt applauds Jason's work in getting the roll sheet of the traitors, and asks him to interrogate a prisoner in the basement.

Unbeknownst to Jason, the prisoner turns out to be his younger brother Riley. Without any options to rescue Riley at the moment, Jason is forced to torture him to not blow his cover. Hoyt appears convinced of Jason's loyalty, and invites him and Sam to a poker game.