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The APR, formally known as the Alliance for Popular Resistance, is one of the two main factions in the civil war in the Unnamed African Country (UAC).


They are foreigners from another African country, who want to unite the UAC with the rest of Africa. They are at war with the UFLL, who want to keep the country independent; though in doing so, the APR has caused many UAC citizens to flee to other African nations. The APR first began showing up in the UAC about 10 years before Far Cry 2 begins. The civil war has been raging for only three years, though. The APR came from a connection of foreign African nations, but it is led by one of the unnamed country's past political leaders.

It is unknown if either the UFLL or the APR will win the war, but it is most likely that it will end in a stalemate not long after the Jackal disappears. The flag and symbol of the APR is a red star in a half black,  half green circle. On the black side of the circle are two yellow lines coming out from the star.


The APR is headed by Major Oliver Tambossa, a former Chief of Staff, and his Captain, Prosper Kouassi, a former street-gang leader. The APR's lieutenants and warlords are Walton Purefoy, Arturo Quiepo, and Nick Greaves.


  • The APR is mainly made up of remnants of the UAC's former military, foreign soldiers from the other African nations that make up the APR. Aside from foreigners, natives of the UAC who share the APR's ideals join the APR, as well as foreign Mercenaries who are looking to make a profit from the conflict.
  • Although they print a red star on their propaganda, they call the UFLL a "communist dictatorship," which would imply the APR is against Communism. It's also possible the APR is on the right of the political spectrum and the UFLL on the Left (as the latter's name implies), although besides rhetoric both factions are identical in practice, i.e. their only interest is greed and power, and oppressing the civilian population.
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