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« Amanaki Town is held by the Rakyat and considered to be the last dying breath of sanity on Rook Island. The residents strive to keep Rakyat culture alive and still hope to rescue their homeland from the brink of total anarchy. But the jungle waits outside. »

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Amanaki is a friendly settlement in Far Cry 3. It is located on the unnamed northern island of the Rook Islands. Jason Brody is brought here at the beginning of the game by Dennis. The town features include: a general store, a place to play a game of throwing knives and a noticeboard with various sidequests just outside the village.


  • Like Citra's Temple and Thurston Town you are not able to wield or fire a weapon while inside the village.
  • A number of Macaques and Chickens run around the village, but the player cannot equip weapons inside the walls of the village, so killing them is impossible unless the player snipes them from outside the village or finds them elsewhere on the islands (such as in ruins and near some relics).
  • A Darrah, Stryus, and a Scavenger spawn outside the village.
  • The same woman who is in the general store in Amanaki also works at all of the other general stores around the map.
  • Amanaki is a Tongan name which translates as "hope".