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Mission information
Faction Hoyt's Privateers
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward Unknown
Start Citra's temple
End Outside Churchtown
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This Knife's for You Warrior Rescue Service

Ambush is the twenty-second mission of Far Cry 3.

Synopsis Edit

Jason agrees to help the Rakyat set up an ambush in Churchtown in an attempt to hijack an APC carrying Rakyat prisoners. The leader of the mission hands over to Jason C4 explosives he has to plant over a fuel truck, to block the road and divert the enemies plans. Jason has to then climb a water tower to snipe and aid the warriors in combat, waiting for the signalling explosives to go off. When the explosives went off and the ambush started, Jason noticed that the enemies that came out of the vehicles weren't Pirates but Privateers, who are much better equipped and organized. Jason has to then fight hordes of this so called Privateers and reach the convoy truck. However, when Jason opens the back door of the truck, Vaas emerges and hits Jason flat out in the face with a pistol, knocking him out, ending the mission.


  • It is wise to climb the water tower and pick off the privateers with the Z93 that is provided.
  • Placing some C4 and Mines before the Truck, could be a easier way to knock out the Privateers.