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“Has lots of experience in guerrilla warfare. Amazing he's made it to 40. Travels light. Must be used to grabbing what he needs on the fly.
Says he was in a CIA-backed insurgency during the Aristide years. Spent a few years blowing up government targets in Port Au Prince.
Heard he aborted an assassination attempt in Joburg. Guy's got a conscience. That could get you killed out here.”

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Far Cry 2

Andre Hyppolite is a playable character in Far Cry 2.


He grew up in the Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. During his early life, he was sent to school to shield him from the ongoing violence. But that didn’t prevent him from being swept up in the crime and corruption that was constantly surrounding him. In late 2003, Andre was wounded in a firefight with private security forces outside Port-au-Prince and was briefly taken into custody. Shortly after President Aristide was forced to step down and go into exile, Andre’s release was arranged through agents of a large investment bank. At the request of a Medellin-based cartel, Andre traveled to South Africa and began organizing a team to assassinate the exiled Aristide in Johannesburg. Suffering a last-minute crisis of conscience, Andre refused to go through with the hit (Aristide survives to this day). Returning to Haiti was out of the question, so Hyppolite tried to find a purpose for himself in southern Africa. He shortly afterwards realized that his purpose was being an independent contractor in the civil war.



  • Andre wields a SPAS-12 shotgun in combat.



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