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Angels are former civilians or resistance members that have been placated through extreme doses or exposure to the powerful hallucinogenic drug Bliss. Angels have lost all capability to think or reason, except to mindlessly follow the orders of Faith Seed and the Peggies.

While they appear more commonly in the Henbane River region where Faith is found, they might also be found in other areas.


Angels appear wearing dirty all-white outfits, with filthy surgical masks over their mouths, and having milky white eyes from exposure to Bliss. They can be easily recognized at range by: Bliss vapors over their head, their white outfits, using only melee equipment, such as Shovel, garden rake, hunting knife, hammer and throwing rocks in long range. They can be audibly identified from their incoherent mumbling and loud screams when attacking opponents.

They share the 'crown' HUD icon with cult VIPs, which appears when they are marked as spotted, as well as an ambient green mist around them from the Bliss that disappears when they die.

Angels can easily be mistaken for zombies, due to their mindless shuffling and performing menial labor for the cult. Their zombie-like behavior also extends to taking damage; when firing at the angels, they will usually fall down, and 'play dead' for several moments before 'reanimating' and continuing to attack. Even the spotting icon will disappear before they reanimate which can trick inexperienced players. Angels can be surely defeated with a shot to the head from a high-power weapon, or through takedowns.


  • Angels are capable only of melee attacks. They yell when they find the Deputy to alert other angels and cultists to their location.
  • When out of melee range, Angels will throw rocks at the Deputy which will deal a small amount of damage.
    • In groups, the rocks thrown by angels can whittle the deputy down to nothing in a matter of several hits, making groups of angels that are out of melee range deadlier than those up close.
  • Angels are created out of those who resist Faith's attempts at mind control through heavy doses of Bliss.
  • According to a recording of Faith, the angels might have had their mouths surgically altered or their tongues removed during their torture (listen to the voice message from Faith Seed at Whistling Beaver Brewery). This might also explain why they wear surgical masks.
  • After completing Doctor Lindsay's missions, bait can be used to distract Angels. 
  • Angels will sometimes ignore the player and not attack unless provoked or approached at very close range. This is most common when the Angel is gardening or doing some other task.


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