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Anto Kankaras is one of the three United Front for Liberation and Labour lieutenants in Far Cry 2. Kankaras worked briefly advising the government of Uganda, a job that sent him to gather intel on foreign investors in the country neighboring the failed African state. While he was there, he began to pick up murmurings that the diamond industry in the country had been hollowed out. When the second civil war broke out there, he started meeting with exiled Authenticity Party chiefs, including Addi Mbantuwe. He began selling information to Mbantuwe shortly before Authenticity announced its deal with Bastion UK, and after the collapse he offered to help Mbantuwe enforce internal discipline with the nascent UFLL.

Act I

Kankaras can find you at the beginning of the game after having escaped the hotel in Pala. If so, he will awaken the player at the Slaughter House then offer the tutorial mission in the form of your first assignment.

Along with faction captain Leon Gakumba, Anto Kankaras is present at the UFLL headquarters in Leboa-Sako to brief the player on some faction missions.


After a call from Reuben Oluwagembi, he will meet the player at the Marina bar and assign a mission to kill Joaquin Carbonell and Hector Voorhees, the other two UFLL lieutenants. You can complete his mission, allowing him to become the leader of the UFLL. Alternatively, you can kill only one target - the survivor will ask you to turn the tables on Kankaras. Even if you choose not to kill him, like all other potential faction leaders he is killed at the end of the game at the Jungle Bivouac.


  • Kankaras is always wearing a blue-camouflaged military uniform, perhaps hinting that he used to be a soldier.
  • Kankaras is sometimes referred to and/or described as an inbred.

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