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Arrows are a type of ammunition used with the Recurve Bow, Hunter Bow and Compound Bow in Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5.

There are three arrow types that can be created by Crafting the appropriate materials.

Normal Arrows Edit

Standard arrows that come with the bow, the reward clean kills on animals and instant kills on most enemies.

Flame Arrows Edit

FC4 Flamer

They can be crafted using Arrows and Molotovs. Flame Arrows are silent and can be used to start wildfires, and can down any target in one hit, as they ignite their victims. Be warned that the burning body of the target can set fire to nearby brush and wood, and the target's screaming will cause nearby enemies to start searching for you.

Explosive Arrows Edit

FC4 Popper

They can be crafted by using Arrows and Grenades. When used, they will detonate on impact on anything that they touch. It should be noted that while they have greater range and precision, Explosive Arrows have the same destructive power of regular Grenades. e Arrows are more powerful than Flame Arrows, but not as silent. They are great for carpet bombing at a distance and effective in ambushes, especially of vehicles.

Like in Far Cry 3, explosive arrows can be crafted from arrows and grenades once the ability is unlocked around halfway through Far Cry 4. Where they differ is they can now be purchased from Sherpas and Trading Posts once the Trade Agreement skill is unlocked, which can be done whenever the player has enough skill points. This effectively means you can use explosive arrows long before they become craftable.


  • It should be noted, however, Flame and Explosive Arrows are not unlocked until later in the single player campaign.
  • Out of the three arrow types, only the Standard Arrow is indestructible, which means you can retrieve your arrows and reuse them indefinitely.
  • It is worth noting that while Explosive Arrows do provide a significant blast radius, their actual destructive power is no more than that of an ordinary grenade, meaning that destroying vehicles will take multiple hits.
  • While it may take several Explosive Arrows to take down a Heavy, one Flame Arrow will do the trick quite quickly.
  • Arrow quivers can be crafted from various animal hides, in order to allow the player to hold more arrows at a time.

 Trivia Edit

  • While the functionality of the arrows remains the same between FC3 and FC4, the appearance doesn't. Explosive Arrows in FC3 are a yellow and black cylinder attached to an arrow shaft, while in FC4 they appear more high tech. The business end of the arrow resembles a scaled-down RPG with four fins on the back and a blinking red light on the front.