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Ashes to Ashes is a mission in Far Cry 4. You are now going to confront Pagan Min, but before his Palace is the Royal Fortress. The Fortress is heavily guarded with a lots of Royal Guard Soldiers, DShK guns and Mortars. You need to take over several areas and capture them to lower the Royal Guards reinforcements. The Golden Path helps you to capture the Fortress, but will be easily brought down by Royal Guards. There will come at least 6 Helicopters to attack you and with reinforcements, so be ready to take them down as quickly as possible. After you have taken over the last area in the fortress, you have to destroy the Golden Pagan Min stature (Which Pagan Min sees from his palace, and gets annoyed because it was massive gold). As the victory is yours and the frotress is empty of Guards, you need to head towards The Royal Palace to start the mission Confront Pagan.


The best way to enter and capture is to use LMG's especially the MG42, and then AMR (If unlocked) and then use explosive weapons such as Grenade launcher and Rocket Launchers. Bring eventually a Flamer thrower with you and Molotov's. Go take a lot of cover because the Guards will be streaming towards you in bigger groups of 4-6 soldiers, all firing bullets at you. Take out all Scavengers with Mounted Guns on it, because the DShK lowers your health very quickly.

While capturing the areas, be sure to be on guard as a soldier might come from one side of the entrances. Also be sure to find any ammo stack to refill your ammo.


  • The music that plays following this mission as the player drives to Pagan Min's palace to start "Confront Pagan" is The River by The Bombay Royale.
  • This is actually the hardest mission in Far Cry 4.
  • The Golden stature was posed by Eric.