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Ashley Harmon is a character mentioned in Far Cry 4. She is the daughter of Paul Harmon and Laura Harmon. In the City of Pain mission Paul "De Pleur" Harmon is calling Ashley on his cell phone.

At the beginning of the game, Ajay can read a letter from Ashley left to Paul, and, should the player be watching Paul torturing Darpan, Ashley will call her father and you may hear a brief conversation between the two.

Ashley currently lives with her mother Laura in the United States.

Paul has a conversation with Ashley every day and she always asks him for "travel gifts." Paul usually sends his soldiers to plunder the dead members of the Golden Path in order to give her these gifts of grace.

Trivia Edit

  • Ashley always asks Paul travel gifts, believing that her father will work in different places.
  • Paul never told Ashley about Kyrat and his real work.
  • When Pagan was in the U.S, he saw Paul's wife and daughter. He later sees her sing at her school. According to Pagan, it made him wonder if he had not made the "mistakes" of the past, thinking of Paul as if he, seeing Ajay singing with Ishwari in his side. Then he says to Ajay, "You always realize when it is too late."

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