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Assault Truck
Seats 1 + Gunner (SP) 2 + Gunner (MP)
Weaponry Machine Gun (M249/M2) or
Grenade Launcher (Mk 19)
Speed Average
Armour Factor Low
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The Assault Truck is a vehicle in Far Cry 2.

The Assault Truck can take quite a lot of damage before it becomes unusable. It is perhaps the most common vehicle in both story mode and multiplayer. Even though the player will only ever encounter two enemies in an assault truck at one time, it actually has 3 positions (a drivers seat, a gunner position, and a passengers seat — however, the third can only be occupied in multiplayer mode). The truck seems to be based on the Land Rover Series III.

Assault Trucks can commonly be found outside Safe Houses, at Guard Posts, and being driven by mercs on roads. Assault Trucks also accompany the convoys that feature in the Weapon Shop missions. During Act 1, assault trucks will be mounted with M249 machine guns. In Act 2, the weapon on some trucks is upgraded to an M2 .50 cal, and rarely even the mighty Mk 19. The trucks come in a variety of colours.

The Assault Truck is a good all around vehicle for missions and exploration. It is reasonably fast, maneuverable, and durable. The mounted weapon can be used to fend off enemies. This is particularly helpful if the player does not have any of the ammunition carrying upgrades, as using the mounted gun will save the player from having to use up their ammunition.

The player will often encounter one or two Assault Trucks near Guard Posts. It is always wise to destroy or commandeer the Assault Trucks in order to prevent enemies from using them.

In the event you encounter an assault truck occupied by enemies, there are a few ways to deal with them:

  • Shoot the gunner - this will eliminate the main threat posed by the truck.
  • Shoot the driver - this will render the gunner immobile, potentially allowing you to escape. If you attempt to flee, the gunner will usually move over to the driver's seat and pursue you.
  • If you have any explosive weapons or grenades, they can destroy the truck in one hit and kill anyone inside it.


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