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"I'm no ghost, but i'll do it."

- Ajay accepting Balin's work.

Balin is a minor character in Far Cry 4 and an officer of the Golden Path.


Nothing is known about Balin's life except that he is a member of the Golden Path. He can be found in Bhirabata Outpost where he gives you an Assassination mission located to the north of the outpost. After completing the mission, the player can go anywhere he wants but if he returns to the outpost immediately after the assassination, Balin will thank you greatly. It is also possible to kill Balin, though it will result in Karma loss. If the Royal Guard or Animals such as a Bengal Tiger or a Clouded Leopard attack the outpost, he may also be killed in the carnage.


  • Balin can be recognized by his yellow cap, while unnamed rebels instead wrap yellow bandanas around their forehead.
  • It is possible that he is the mercenary that Ajay can call in with the "Guns for Hire" menu.

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