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Banapur view
“Banapur is the home of the rot that is the Golden Path. This is the darkest part of Kyrat, the centre of the tumor that threatens to spread and destroy our great nation. Fear not, Pagan Min and the Royal Army will soon restore peace and order to this terrorist stronghold.”
In-game description

“Welcome to Banapur, home of the Golden Path.”
Sabal, to Ajay

Banapur is a village within Kyrat in Far Cry, harbouring the Golden Path rebellion. The town is home to a store selling firearms and other supplies, as well as a Golden Path safehouse. This is the first town visited by the player, and is the starting point of the first two missions available in the game. It is also where the player first meets Amita and Bhadra. After meeting Longinus in the first act of the game, the player must return to Banapur to defend it from a Royal Army attack. After completing the first act, the player can visit Sharma Salsa and unlock racing missions for Kyrati Films.

Banapur is notably lively in comparison with other southern Kyrati villages. It consists of nine buildings, several shacks, a large ricefield, a shop, and a great collection of decorations and adornments. Also, a very large amount of Kyrati people can be found there, both civilians and Golden Path soldiers. Ajay can talk to some of the residents around the village.   

Notable residents