Rex seeing the Battle Dragon for the first time.

Rex: What the hell is this?
Battle Dragon: I am the Battle Armoured Dragon Assault Strike System. Your Killstar controls my braincage, instructing me that you are my rider.
Rex: Hello, gorgeous. [To himself] This is one hell of a Cadillac, Doc.
Battle Dragon: I am equipped with a hydraulically powered Terror 4000 cannon and Titanium Trauma plates.
Rex: I think... I’ll take you out for a spin.
Battle Dragon: Please prime correct finger-slot activation gesture for activation.”

Rex meets the Battle Dragon

The Battle Armoured Dragon Assault Strike System, also known as B.A.D.A.S.S., is a cybernetically-enhanced Blood Dragon ally encountered by Sergeant Rex Power Colt in the final mission of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Rex rides Battle Dragon into the final stronghold of Omega Force, and uses his new friend's overwhelming firepower to absolutely lay waste to the last Omega Force Mark V Cyber-Commandos. Tragically, Battle Dragon was killed in the final confrontation against Colonel Ike Sloan, who personally murdered Rex's new partner with a well placed pistol round, leaving Rex to face Sloan by himself.


The Battle Dragon has things to say about Rex riding it, fighting off the final waves of the Omega Force.

  • "Have a nice day."
  • "I have shot you."
  • "My lasers are firing and you will be dead."
  • "Do you like riding me?"
  • "I am happy!"
  • "I must break you."
  • "Oooh. Ahhh. This is pretty."
  • "Imma firing mah lazor!"
  • "Genocide is fun."
  • "This is fun, and sad."
  • "And I shoot lasers out of my fucking eyes."


  • "I must break you" was the line said in Rocky IV by Ivan Drago, Rocky's nemesis in the film.
  • It is unknown how Sloan managed to kill the Battle Dragon with the A.J.M 9 considering it is weak, especially against Blood Dragons and that the Blood Dragon was wearing full body armour. 
  • Battle Dragon is the only dragon in the game to speak.
  • The Battle Dragon's full name abbreviated spells out "B.A.D.A.S.S.".
  • "Imma firing mah lazor" is a reference to the internet meme "Shoop da Whoop".
  • The music that plays during the final mission is War, from Rocky IV, the music which plays during the fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago.