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Bell Towers are key objectives (buildings) located around Kyrat in Far Cry 4. They serve much of the same purpose as radio towers in Far Cry 3, revealing more of the map with each tower liberated, freeing weapons in stores and unlocking new missions. Bell towers usually have two chests hidden between the floors, and one or two propaganda posters.


  • The more radio towers you liberate, the more crestfallen the broadcaster becomes. If you beat the game, she will occasionally beg Pagan Min to come back, regardless of how the ending played out. She also resorts to code phrases.
  • Once a Bell Tower is liberated, Radio Free Kyrat begins to broadcast in the surrounding area.
  • You can make a big advance in equipment if the second tower you conquer is the one near the King's Bridge (North East corner, South Kyrat)). Use the Buzzer to land near it, but be aware that the soldiers on watch are from the Royal Guard and thus heavily armed: Z-93 sniper rifles & P-416 AR. However, once you have dispatched the watch, you can gain powerful gear, making the rest of your quest easier.
  • All the 17 Bell Towers are approximately equally divided across Kyrat.
  • There is an 18th, inaccessible Bell Tower found out of bounds north of De Pleur's Compound. It is only accessible during the prologue, and there are no means of getting to the top of it, as the stairs break off at the second floor. Using cheats or hacking to reach the top of the bell tower will reveal that there is no radio transmitter at the top, and is used only as a means of cover or a vantage point.
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