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One of the Udam Spearmen overlooking the fort.

Big Darwa Fort is the largest Udam outpost in all of Oros and is lead by Dah until Takkar captures the fort in his quest to find Ull. This fort guards the entrance to the Udam homeland.


The fort is located to the south of the entrance to the Udam homeland and will be marked by Dah's icon once the quest Attack of the Udam is complete.

How to CaptureEdit

  • This fort is very similar to Fire Screamer Fort in the level and amount of enemies, so highly upgraded gear is recommended.
  • Fully upgraded winter clothing is a must-have to attack this fort, otherwise the cold will kill before any Udam do.
  • Beware of the rot fumes that some Udam may throw, as the clouds hang in the air for some time.
  • Dah and his henchmen will emerge from his cave once the fort alarm is raised. Be cautious to avoid being swarmed by his cronies.


The fort is set upon mostly one strip of buildings surrounded by bone trees, except for a large canyon in the middle of the fort, with the only crossing being a rock bridge. This can be a helpful chokepoint to funnel enemies toward you one by one, but it could also prevent one from reaching Dah.