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Binoculars FC2004


Binoculars are an important piece of equipment in Far Cry and Far Cry 5, since they can be used to scan the surrounding environment for nearby hostiles.

They have an incredibly long range, with up to 24x magnification. The Binoculars can first be found a short way into the first level of Far Cry, in a small hut on a hill just past the first enemy encampment. In Far Cry 5, they are unlocked permanently after completing the quest A Glimmer of Hope. The default for accessing the binoculars is B for the PC and up on the D-Pad for the console.

Upon scanning an enemy with the Binoculars, their location will appear on the player's Radar as a small triangle. The markers' colour changes depending on how aware of the player's presence they are:

  • Green — The enemy has no idea of the player's presence.
  • Yellow — The enemy is more alert than before and is on the lookout for anything suspicious.
  • Orange — The enemy knows that something is wrong and will be actively seeking out the player.
  • Red — The enemy knows of the player's position and will most likely be shooting at him.