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“Birds of Paradise are found throughout the island. Many are kept as pets by locals as a sign of affluence. Some of the more colorful breeds are prized by collectors all around the world while the less colorful ones are used as mops, feather dusters and organic French ticklers.”
Survival Guide

Birds of Paradise are animals that can be found in Far Cry 3.


The birds are very colourful, prized by the Rakyat people. They are found roaming in flocks of about 3 on average, on both the North and South islands. Some of the people treasure the birds as pets, and usually keep 1–2 of them. These brightly coloured animals are often seen singing in the grass in groups of three, and will fly away very quickly when disturbed. 

A good way to manage killing one of these is to stay crouched until the player can actually aim at one of the birds and shoot it. Having very low health, the animal is killed with a single shot using any kind of weapon. Killing one bird of paradise will unlock the handbook entry.



A real "Bird of Paradise"

  • Three kinds of birds of paradise are found on the island: blue, red and yellow-green. Besides those different colour patterns, the animals are the same.
    • White birds of paradise can also be seen during Jason's hallucinations.
  • Paradise birds in Far Cry 3 strongly resemble Raggiana Birds of Paradise, shown on the right.
  • The Bird of Paradise in real life also resemble the Cendrawasih Bird in New Guinea Island which has two parts between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. This island's geography also looks like the bird when seen from above.