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Bliss in a body of water

Bliss is a drug used in Far Cry 5 by the Project at Eden's Gate to convert people to their cause and increase their numbers. The principal ingredient appears to be an Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia), a plant with white flowers that has hallucinogenic properties.

The manufacturing and distribution of the drug are managed by Faith Seed and another Geneticist named Peter.

The drug is used to train and improve the abilities of the cult members.

  • Those who were deemed was workers were sent to Faith, where she overexposed them to the drug. This turned them into "Angels". They can be recognized by the clouds of white dust floating around their heads. The Angels suffered some form of damage to their nervous system due to overexposure to the drug. As a result, the Angels had become less sensitive to pain and fatigue as well as became aggressive, mindless drones.
  • Meanwhile Jacob used the drug to enhance the might and obedience of captured wolves and called them Judges. Jacob also used the drug in tandem with classical conditioning in order to mold his converts into mighty warriors with incredible skills and willpower. On a side note, Jacob even used a variation of this to brainwash and condition the Deputy into infiltrating the Wolf's Den Hideout and assassinating Eli in cold blood.

According to a note found at Whistling Beaver Brewery, the Bliss is used in both liquid and powdered form. The powdered version is only produced by Faith's own Chemists in her Gate, and while this version is more potent than the liquid form, liquid Bliss is what allows Angels to 'resurrect' after suffering a seemingly fatal injury.

A Bliss plant


  • It was developed by Faith (Rachel Jessop) and a geneticist called Peter, once one of the most well-known geneticists in his field who had been kicked out of the medical association for a fatal experiment on a terminally-ill patient.
  • Both cultists and locals in the game call the fields of white flowers in Faith’s region ”bliss fields”, indicating that the name also is a nickname for the plants.
  • In the short film Inside Eden's Gate, a blue colored drug is used similarly to the Bliss, which, in the game is colored white. It is unclear whether this is a different drug or its color was changed during development.
  • If the player walks into this plant, they will get a hallucination effect, with white particles and various colors on the screen.

Scopolamine formula at Whistling Beaver Brewery

  • Based on chalkboards and notes in some Bliss research locations, as well as the appearance of the plant, Bliss is likely intended to represent a plant containing alkanoids like scopolamine, a hallucinogenic with alleged mind control abilities produced by members of the nightshade family, such as henbane. Other possible evidence is the fact that Bliss containers are referred to as scopolamine containers in the Arcade editor, and excerpts from The Book of Joseph describing its use.

Scopaolamine chemical formule in Seed Reach on a tank (John Region Hollway Valley)

  • Unlike Bliss, scopolamine (also known as "hyoscine") is used as a medicine that is used to treat motion sickness, postoperative nausea and vomiting (though it can still have hallucinogenic and even deadly side effects if taken in large amounts). It is on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (hyoscine butylbromide, hyoscine hydrobromide). Scopolamine has also been used as a key ingredient in "truth serums."
  • The name may be a reference to the drug of the same name featured in a controversial episode of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.
  • The flower itself bears resemblance to those in the genus Datura, particularly Datura stramonium, Datura metel, and Datura innoxia. The Datura genus is a member of the Solanoideae family, which includes henbane and nightshade. Datura plants usually bear trumpet-shaped flowers, most frequently white, and have thorny seed pods, though Datura flowers do not grow downward-facing (the closely-related Brugmansia suaveolens have similar-looking flowers that are pendulous, though Brugmansia plants have smooth seed pods and are often called angel's trumpet). They are also called jimson weed, devil's trumpet, and moonflower. Consumption of plants in the Datura family is poisonous, as all Datura family members contain alkaloids including scopolamine, atropine, and hyoscyamine. Datura is an anticholinergic deliriant, which causes intense delirium, amnesia, sedation, and vivid external hallucinations, similar to what is experienced by the Deputy in the game.
  • In the promotional wide shot poster for the game, Faith is shown holding a Bliss flower in her right hand, likely to represent her role in the cult.
  • Continued exposure to the Bliss causes the irises of the victim to become a milky white with extremely constricted pupils.
  • The drug has extremely strong hallucinogenic properties but does not appear to cause addiction or dependency.
  • Probably due to an oversight on the developers' part or reuse of game assets, you can find the formula of scopolamine and other Bliss development notes posted on a pinboard in Dutch's bunker.