• ReverendV92

    Wiki Updates

    December 4, 2018 by ReverendV92

    I've done some changes to the Wiki today.

    • The Leaderboard Achievements have been updated. Before, a fair few of the names had empty strings. All of them have been named, and are a bit more specific on what they are.
    • Talk Pages have been replaced with Message Walls. You no longer have to manually sign & header your posts, and I don't have to do it for you any longer. You can find the talk page archive at the bottom of your Message Wall.
    • The chat function was disabled, since no one ever used it.
    • The comment function on pages has been enabled in the place of both the chat function & talk pages. Talk pages suffered from the same issue personal talk pages had, with a frequent disregard for signatures and headers. This alleviates that.
    • Anonymous edit…

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  • Downtoearth1

    I am going to work on Inside Eden’s Gate, i believe i have already done the protagonists except for linny which i am about to do. Someone needs to add family to character infoboxes, for example Jacob Seed is Josephs brother or Linny is Marks sister, i believe it is required. We also need to update equipment pages, adding in the information from Far Cry 5, such as binoculars and medkits.

    -14 July 2018

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  • Far cry homy

    my account on ps4

    June 25, 2018 by Far cry homy

    idf you want to friend me to play far cry 5 or 4 my username is tcharles1967 and i have a far cry comunity called "far cry homy's"

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  • Far cry homy

    my best map in far cry 4 is "drugslord" or "stop the drugslord" but there are differend coppy's. my best one is with a "x" or a "one" after the word drugslord

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  • Far cry homy

    i play on ps4 if you want to be my friend my username is charles1967. im now online from monday until thursday because friday its my last day of school. i will make a far cry comunitie or join one. i have far cry 4 and 5 im pretty good at making maps on far cry 4 if you want to play my best one its "stop the drugslord". i need to realn at far cry 5 arcade but im pretty good in campaing. it suck that i competed everything in far cry 4 but with issues my hole history is gone so dont expect me to have done the campaing on far cry 4 i need to beging. im from belgium so if you want to play with me and you're in a diferend time zone you know why im not online at that hour.

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  • ReverendV92

    So the achievements for Hours of Darkness are out, at least partially.

    The Welcome to Nam achievement also had a badge in the list yesterday morning, but it was removed a few hours later.

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  • DanteRinri

    • Legendary
    • Exclusive Single player mission Testing Unit.
    • Unlock by : 40 Uplay Points

    • Epic
    • Special weapon Cannon handgun for Single Player.
    • Unlock by : 30 Uplay Points

    • Rare
    • Far Cry 3 Exclusive tattoos for the Tattoo Editor in Multiplayer.
    • Unlock by : 20 Uplay Points

    • Common
    • A Far Cry 3 Theme for the PlayStation 3 system.
    • Unlock by : Free

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  • Valerius83


    May 26, 2018 by Valerius83

    And again I am addicted to making Wiki-pages... Did it already for a few games. And since it is very time consuming and changes the way you play the game (always looking for info/that one picture) I promissed myself not to do it again. Broke a promisse...

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  • ReverendV92

    Template Index

    May 3, 2018 by ReverendV92

    There's a number of templates already on the wiki, but they're also ancient-as-hell and don't work on the new layouts and such.

    I've been making a bunch of useful templates to improve quality and streamline workflow.

    This is a list of all the templates I've been working on:

    • Template:Icon Steam
    • Template:Icon UPlay
    • Template:Icon Xbox
    • Template:Icon Playstation

    • Template:Icon Worldwide
    • Template:Flag AU
    • Template:Flag CA
    • Template:Flag DE
    • Template:Flag EU
    • Template:Flag GB
    • Template:Flag US

    More available as needed, as the icons I used are from an open-source iconography set.

    • Template:FC5 Icon XP
    • Template:FC5 Outfit Icon Male
    • Template:FC5 Outfit Icon Female
    • Template:FC5 Silver Bars
    • Template:FC5 Vehicle Icon
    • Template:FC5 Weapon Icon

    • Template:Spoiler FC
    • Template:Spoiler FC2
    • T…

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  • Sjadgef

    For example Joseph Seed infobox contains precise height and weight values (not rounded), are they based on anything or is it just random shit people type in solely based on in-game appearance?

    How can you even measure a character's height let alone weight in the game? I'd understand if these were rounded (~180cm, ~75kg), but a precise value gives an impression of information behind it.

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  • Wikiawrider

    Ok the user who had removed the page Paul "De Pleur" Harmon must report to me the reason wy that site was removed! Im pissed about other removing pages without my APPROVAL!!! Now thanks to that Idot, Paul is no longer a part of this wiki, and all who had given info has been wasted! So thanks a lot, I'll get to bottom of this, and make sure that Only I can remove pages in the future!!!

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  • Theguywhowatcheseverything

    I've done a lot of work in my short time on this wiki, and there's only so much I can do. We need character pages for Tammy Barnes and Wheaty. I created the bare bones of a page for Dr. Charles Lindsey, help me grow that, and we also need way more pictures. There are a lot of grammar and spelling errors, those need to be fixed, and the Gun for Hire pages need to be better. I'm planning on doing a lot more, and together, we can make this wiki into something readable. 

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  • SnowyMcSnow

    Wiki Issues

    April 12, 2018 by SnowyMcSnow

    Making this to get my point across that this Wiki is fundamentally broken. You have all the pieces here but none of them are fitting. You're missing articles for half of the games, including animals and describing them for only one game despite multiple appearances. Some of them come off as a friend describing the game to another friend only for one gaming platform. I found one describing only PC controls under elephants with a cheeky writing style. There's no structure or consistenty, one page is written like a proper elegant article and another looks like is written by a thirteen year old with less enthusiasm for a school project.

    I'm trying to help, I add what I can, I fix what I find but I am one man and good god does this Wiki need a …

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  • VicVague

    My Favorite Games

    March 30, 2018 by VicVague

    !!!! SPOILER ALERT !!!!

    10. Wolfenstein II: The New Collossus

    Machine games really perfected the formula with this kickass first person shooter. I usually don't play a lot of shooter games, but this is too good to ignore. Shooting, stabbing and strangling the Waffen S.S. never has looked this good and been so fun. The Nazi's though they defeated B.J. Blaskowitz when the beheaded him in front of the worldwide reich, but B.J. will never truely be killed. Duel Wielding triple barreled shotguns and huge assualt rifles is great and very smooth. Graphics are very slick during combat and the sound effects are simplily divine. The huge machines stomping around and launching themselves at you are amazing and so lifelike. The nazis are so unrelenting,…

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  • VicVague

    Facts about VicVague

    March 30, 2018 by VicVague

    Name: VicVague

    Age: 16

    Sex: Male

    Ethnicity: Welsh

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 168

    Hair: Straight, Brown

    Eyes: Blue

    Birth: March 16, 2002

    Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Current residence: Westbrook, Connecticut

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite TV shows: Tokyo Ghoul, Rick and Morty, The Office, Wrecked, Soul Eater and American Horror Story.

    Favorite Fictional Characters: Godzilla, M.U.T.O., Juuzou Suzuya, Ken Kaneki, Fataba Sakura and King Kong.

    Favorite Video Game Genre: RPG

    Favorite Video Games: Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Persona 5, Evolve, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Outlast 2, Hollow Knight and Nioh.

    Favorite Film Genre: Horror

    Favorite Movies: Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island, Alien: Covanent, Black Panther, Fury, The Conjuring, Princess Mononoke, Jurrassic World, Mad …

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  • VicVague

    Vaas vs. Pagan vs. Seed

    March 29, 2018 by VicVague

    Vaas is widly considered the best villian in the Far Cry series. I somewhat disagree that he is superior to Pagan and Seed but I will break it down and decide. I won't add Ull from Far Cry Primal because reasons that I won't state because they are not good reasons, I'm just lazy as fuck.


    Pagan wins this by a clear mile. Not only does he have a pretty talented pair of vocal cords, but his suit and clothes beat Vaas' camoflague pants and red shirt any day. I persoanlly hate wearing coats and ties but Pagan Min ears it rather terrifically. 

    Joseph Seed is last in this regard because looking like a borderline pedofile with his aviator tinted glasses and creepy marks doesn't compare with Pagan Min.

    Winner: Pagan Min

    Resources and Military:


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  • Alexray35
    • A note about what happened to Alex, one of the protagonists of Inside Eden's Gate, can be found.
    • In one of Dutch's first missions (The Resistance), the player is tasked to secure a radio tower, Dutch mentions that that is the only radio tower that the player will need to secure making a reference to previous Far Cry games and most Assassin's Creed games where the player had to secure numerous towers in order to unlock the map of surrounding areas.
    • There can be found books titled "Trials of the Rakyat" referencing the Rakyat from Far Cry 3.
    • Several books can be found with references to other Far Cry games.
      • Blood Dragon 2: Darling Revengeance - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
      • Mumu's Fashion Week - Mumu Chiffon from Far Cry 4
      • Oros: A Mesolithic Paradise - …
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  • VicVague


    March 29, 2018 by VicVague

    This is my first blog on the Far Cry Wiki and there will be plenty to come... trust me. 

    I am trying hard to not spoil FC5 for myself before I get it, but seeing commercials for the game is driving me insane, because it is soooo tempting to learn more about the Seed family.

    People get pissy about FC5 being the same as other FC games, but what is so terrible about comfort food, you know? Why not have a familiar series that gives you the same fun activities here and there? The developers aren't going to be able to please all of you, but more importantly, they will make a game that THEY want to make, instead of struggling to meet all of your bullshit demands and make a shit game in the process. Far Cry is a solid series and it succeeds in being…

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  • Soloman026

    Best line

    February 6, 2018 by Soloman026

    Best line in Farcry 3 is the good doctor saying. “I am high as a kite, and the greenhouse is on fire”

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  • ItalianWeaponNJ

    Follow this shyitt

    December 5, 2017 by ItalianWeaponNJ

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  • Cohalo29


    October 16, 2017 by Cohalo29

    My name is Cohalo29 and my favorite charactors in far cry 4 is Paul De Pleur.

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  • Cohalo29

    Cohalo29 blog

    October 16, 2017 by Cohalo29

    My name is Cohalo29 and my favorite charactor in all of Far cry series Paul De Pleur From Far Cry 4.

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  • Tomtheman99
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  • NGBKing203

    Man, i sure am super excited for FC 5 but we are going to have to wait until 2018 for it to come out.

    The game looks very good (in my opinion) and many people are curious about what we are gonna get and experience in this game.

    I am actually happy to hear it's coming out next year, it means the developers are really trying hard to perfect it before they release it, knowing all the fans are hoping for the best.

    As for the new characters, we play as a new sheriff's deputy, however nothing is known about him/her yet.

    And we are a part of a resistance against a dangerous cult, led by Joseph seed (A.K.A The Father) and his siblings.

    The new villains look amazing and i can't wait to see what they are like in the game.

    Overall, i think it's looking dam…

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  • NGBKing203

    Hmm. it seems that there is some confusion about who is Jacob and John seed in the new far cry 5 poster.

    Somebody had posted a picture of John in the article of Jacob, and it also happened the other way around.

    But the guy on the right HAS to be Jacob because i noticed that he has army tags on him, also he looks like a soldier.

    But no harm done i myself have already fixed the problem. :)

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  • FPSJamesBond

    First Blog post yay!

    August 24, 2016 by FPSJamesBond

    Name is: FPSJamesBond

    I love video games, guns, movies and history. I know about guns, you could say that I am a gun nerd as well as a history nerd, but someone has know a lot about guns and history around here. I know a bit of everything from the M1911 to the M16 to the M1 Garand. History wise, well I know stuff from, the American Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, but I know alot about World War II. Did you know that the first operational jet fighter was the German Messerschmitt Me 262? I am a big fan of shooters, action games, and strategy based games. Favorite Game: Battlefield. Because battlefield is batter, with controllable vehicles, stationary emplacements, aircraft and boats. Read more >
  • Skyler and Jonny Fan

    the boat

    July 17, 2016 by Skyler and Jonny Fan

    it's the boat

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  • MatheusCormac


    July 16, 2016 by MatheusCormac


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  • KingMinsKyrat

    Page Vandal

    July 3, 2016 by KingMinsKyrat

    Ah there seems to be some sort of page vandal on the loose within the wiki. It's honestly annoying af and just pointless to vandalize these pages.

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  • 999killshot99


    June 16, 2016 by 999killshot99


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  • Raihan59


    February 24, 2016 by Raihan59

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  • NarendraMartosudarmo


    February 12, 2016 by NarendraMartosudarmo

    Hi everyone. I just want to say that it is an honor to be a part of the Far Cry Wiki, and I am extremely excited for Far Cry Primal because I love the prehistoric age and its wildlife.

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  • RebornDan

    Death of FarCry

    November 20, 2015 by RebornDan

    Just when you thought farcry the only FPS of its Genre to have Player created maps, Likeable Characters and a game that offers a reasonable amount of challenge.

    Except, Ubisoft has now put the series in the meat grinder for the sake of Income instead of letting the series end on a good note but no we're too special for that kind of treatment.

    Here is my beef with this game.

    • Ajay Ghale has got to be the most dehumanized protagonist in far cry 4, he has a lack of humor nor compassion when it comes to interacting with characters in-game.

    Spoiler Alert: He's also a Drug Damsel for the entire game and you would think he will have some common sense after being drugged twice, Nope still stupid.

    • Drugs: Yes Ubisoft we get it already drugs are bad for yo…

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  • DeletedContent

    I am sad to see the near-dead state of this wiki. I appreciate all of the others who add more information to this wiki, and will hope to work more with the rest of you in the future. However, the activity on this wiki is near-dead. I look at other wikis, like those of Payday, or The Elder Scrolls, or RWBY, and I see sprawling communities, fan ideas from threads and blog posts that get tons of feedback and criticism, or heated and friendly debates about the philisophical principles of said game, or about a fan theory. I wish to see more of that here, and have so far been let down. I appreciate all of the others who have helped out this wiki so far, but the wiki still needs more. It needs to feel more alive.

    I will still continue to work at t…

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  • DeletedContent

    A battle rifle made from the HK416 (not to be confused with the P416), it has a 20 round magazine (25 in-game?), a decent fire rate, good accuracy, and very good versatility. Basically a middle-ground between the two other 7.62 ARs in the game, the accurate, quick-tap MS16 (M14), and the powerful, but inaccurate A52 (ACE 53).

    An interesting, rare, and expensive gun, the AN-94 has no full-auto capabilities (in-game. in reality it does have some, though there is no select-fire in the game, so no full-auto. deal with it), but has a 2-shot burst (basically semi-auto, only with 2 rounds comign out at once). Extremely accurate, low recoil, and mid-to-high damage, but mediocre ROF, and slow reloads. Basically a skill cannon.

    the Uzi is an iconic Is…

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  • Mrbadass12king12min

    hello could someone please help me with my page Bushman far cry 4.

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  • Hazard141

    Youre awesome, that is SO helpful when editing. It can be easily seen when looking at the wiki activity page on the right side panel. 

    Happy editing! 

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  • Knakveey

    Farcry 4 DLC Announced

    February 27, 2015 by Knakveey

    Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis Out March 10th

    Hiya Folks,

    It was just announced today that Ubisoft will be releasing it's first DLC for Far Cry 4; Valley of the Yetis.

    The add-on follows protagonist Ajay Ghale after his helicopter crashes on an icy ledge in the Himalayas, leaving him stranded among cultists and, of course, yetis.

    You can tackle Valley of the Yetis single-player or co-op with Hurk.

    Whether you’re alone or with a friend, the add-on adventure will have you capturing a camp for shelter and fending away the local cult.

    Valley of the Yetis is available via the Far Cry 4 Season Pass, which costs $30 and grants you access to all current and future Far Cry 4 DLC. -IGN

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  • DeletedContent

    some people may argue that this is the same as Kyrat. While it is similar, the local culture is much different. It would be interesting to see a conflict in the Andes between Highwaymen and the Argeninian (or Peruvian, or some fictional country's) government.

    While their are plenty of interesting ones (from the takeover of evil dictator Sarah Palin {sounds more like hilarious DLC], or invasion from the USSR during the Cold War). However I'm thinking of a rebellion (most likely far-right, but it could also be pro-Russian, or if you wanted to be really silly, pro-Canada).

    It would be nice to see this kind of environment. A blend of desert, tundra, and taiga forest. Lots of environmental varriety, but would require a lot of vehicles (from getti…

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  • Mr.Reese

    New Far Cry 4 DLC ?

    February 7, 2015 by Mr.Reese

    Hey guys in this game, we saw that does not look good choices consequences Amita and Sabal .İf new choices new dlc a new balance of power  would have been like?

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  • Mr.Reese
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  • Echoh98

    So, recently Ubisoft sent out surveys to a select few players about where they'd like to see the next Far Cry installment set. The choices were:

    • A Far Cry game in a remote Alaska, about surviving extreme wilderness.
    • A Far Cry game in a futuristic setting on another planet.
    • A Far Cry game set in the Vietnam war during the 1960s.
    • A Far Cry game set in the cocaine trafficking jungles of Peru.
    • A Far Cry game where you can fight against or join vampires.
    • A Far Cry game in the Spaghetti Western style set in the late 19th century Americas.
    • A Far Cry game that is set during a zombie outbreak.
    • Blood Dragon 2. A sequel to blood Dragon with more Rex Power Colt.
    • A Far Cry game set in a Mad Max post-apocalyptic world.
    • A Far Cry game in the present day, set in a …
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  • J GTA


    Hi,My Name is J_GTA and Im Think Far Cry 4 have the Worst and Bad Story Ending for Kyrati Civilization as if you choose Amita , Kyrat will be Same as Pagan rule Kyrat and also Amita will use child to work for poppy field and possibly murder Bhadra , the only child in Far cry series.

    But if you choose Sabal, Kyrat will be isolated from and to outside and also Sabal will kill Everybody Who Betray or not Follow Kyrati Rules and Tradition.

    i hope in the Next Far Cry series, Ubisoft will make a Happy ending both for protagonist and the Civil.

    Thats my opinion adn Sorry for Mistaken Grammar

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  • Pinkachu

    2014 Community Choice Awards

    December 12, 2014 by Pinkachu

    Thanks to the awesome support and contributions of the Far Cry 4 fans, The Far Cry Wiki has been selected to participate in the Wikia Community Choice Awards. We worked together with an Admin to select some of the more popular content of the game, and you - the Far Cry 4 Community - get to vote on your favorite of the choices provided!

    To vote, click on the image of the character, animal, npc, etc.- you think would win. To learn more about the nominee, click the link above each image.

    UPDATE: Your votes have been counted and the winners have been chosen. Thank you for all of your votes!

    Pagan Min





    Ghale Homestead

    Was your favorite feature, skill or NPC not mentioned? Unfortunately we couldn't include them all for this p…

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  • Hazard141

    Patch Notes 1.05 (Dec.8)

    December 9, 2014 by Hazard141

    Far Cry 4 got a big patch today! Uplay says 1362mb (1.3GB) which is pretty huge. Thought I'd copy n' paste the notes here. Enjoy!

    Added 21:9 aspect ratio support

    Added Russian text and subtitles to worldwide game version

    Fixed an issue with aim assist

    Fixed an issue with grappling if aim button was remapped on another key

    Fixed an issue with mouse input

    Fixed an issue with movement key binding on mouse buttons

    Fixed an issue with Uplay invites in Steam version

    Fixed various Controls issues

    Fixed various Graphic issues

    Fixed various IGE issues

    Fixed various Session Browser issues

    Fixed various UI issues

    NVIDIA graphics preset was removed

    Reduced performance drop impact during streaming

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  • Gabs9996

    Quick and easy!

    Step 1: Find a car with some dudes driving on it.

    Step 2: Commandeer the vechicle and enter it.

    Step 3: Wait. You'll see they'll get on. JUST KIDDING DRIVE OFF AND SAY GOODBYE LOLOLOL. Just kidding.

    Step 4: You did it YAY!

    If in a gunfight.

    Step 1: Get in the car they were in or any car nearby.

    Step 2: If you see them walk like they are hurt (NOT ALWAYS) that means they are going for the car! NOTE: Sometimes if theres multiple people then 1 will stay behind.

    Step 3: You did it! (again)


    Don't shoot if 1 guy aint on the car and 3 are otherwise they will all go off the car.

    If you have a machine gun on the car they will go on it and then they will go off.


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  • Hazard141

    Im been jumping around to alot of "Location" articles on this wikia, adding pictures and whatnot. Ive come up with some suggestions regarding organizing them.

    'I thought we could call the big, usually story related locations "Major Locations" or something like that. You know the ones that have small pictures on your map to depict them? They seem generally more important than the other locations so this is just a thought.

    '2ndly, theres a ton of these small locations that you discover just exploring the map. How about "Minor Locations"? Theres SO many of them and most of them aren't relavent to the story, making it easier if youre trying to look through these locations specifically.


    'Lastly, theres a whole lot of these places too. They …

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  • Echoh98

    Favourite FC4 mission?

    December 5, 2014 by Echoh98

    I'm just curious as to what missions people like so far, and maybe why they're everyone's favourites? If you haven't finished the game, that's fine, just whatever mission has been your favourite so far. Side missions (like Longinus' and Hurk's) count as missions also, so you can write those as answers if you want.

    I think my favourite mission so far would be Advanced Chemistry, which I won't spoil, but I just really liked that mission. The music playing was really cool. I'm not sure about any other missions, the one where you confront Paul was alright but it got annoying pretty quickly.

    Also, try not to spoil anything for people who might have not finished the game yet.

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  • HurkIsAwesome
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  • Trickyvik

    Endings are not making any much differences, i followed amita,

    3 endings

    pagan shot dead lakshmana not found,lakshmana found pagan flies away, lakshamana found pagan's chopper shot resulting his death.

    i later killer amita too, made no difference. so now sabal is dead, pagan dead or gone, amita dead, bhadra missing, hurk gone, longinus gone too.

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