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DauHoangNguyen1999 DauHoangNguyen1999 19 March

What kind of pistols the FND use while on vehicles ???

I am too busy to play Far Cry 6, so I cannot verify it myself, even worse, FND soldiers don't drop their pistols when they die like in previous games, so it's hard to see which pistol they use. Can someone please find out which unit use which pistol and write it in their pages ? For example, FND Pistolero changed to "Skorpion and Mark VI" and noted that they use it while on horseback and on vehicles. I do found these 3 photos as a headstart, hope it helps:

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Desyndra Desyndra 9 February

Are Far Cry 6 DLCs canon? The answer is "no, they are not."

I've seen people adding Far Cry 6 DLC content based entries to various Far Cry 5 pages. However, considering that Ubisoft themselves treat each game as if they were set in their own dedicated timeline, I strongly suggest that editors who wish to contribute should add Far Cry 6 related information to Far Cry 5 pages under a separate "Far Cry 6 DLC - XXXX" heading.

The canonicity of Far Cry game events, characters, and lore in terms of an overarching Far Cry timeline was always a debated subject. Recently the question was asked of a competent person, narrative director Navid Khavari from Ubisoft. This is what he said:

We tried to approach this with the idea that each Far Cry has its own stories and world,” Khavari explains. “While there are som…

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DauHoangNguyen1999 DauHoangNguyen1999 25 December 2021

About Deceased category

The pages about John Seed and Jacob Seed are locked. Can someone with permission edit them and remove all the parts that suggest they are dead in ALL endings ? Because Category:Deceased must only have characters who are absolutely dead in all possible paths. In the ending where Joseph Seed is not arrested and everyone left early, John and Jacob are NOT dead.

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Strongfork Strongfork 14 November 2021

Updating Hidden Histories

Hello, all! I created and have been working on the Hidden Histories page, however it's a lot of work. There are 143 notes in the collection and so far I've transcribed 11 since yesterday - much less than I'd hoped to. If anyone is willing to help me transcribe them in the proper order, I would be extremely grateful and would 100% hug you if I could. Thanks!

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DauHoangNguyen1999 DauHoangNguyen1999 10 November 2021

Move photos from Artstation

Can you guys move those photos from Artstation to the wikia ? So many high quality photos by Far Cry 6 developers were posted there, and I alone cannot move them all to wikia. It would be great if there are more people doing this.

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DauHoangNguyen1999 DauHoangNguyen1999 28 October 2021

Far Cry 6 enemies

FC6 enemies don't have defender, hunter, thrower, charger and melee enemies. Do you like this change or not ? I created a poll for that here:


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Strongfork Strongfork 13 October 2021

Help with Far Cry 6 character pages

First blog post, yayyy.

To those of you who have finished Far Cry 6, I need help with properly updating the character pages. A lot of them have poor grammar at times or incorrect information, and I've been trying to go through them one by one with updates.

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DauHoangNguyen1999 DauHoangNguyen1999 30 September 2021

How should we name the enemies in Far Cry 6 ?

For example, the Assaulter. Should they be named FND Assaulter ? Or Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa Assaulter ? The latter would be too long, but it would stay consistent to the way the enemies of previous games were named ("Royal Army", not "RA", Eden Gate's, not "PEG") , but then again, people who look up the wikia would be more likely to type "FND" in the search bar. What do you think ? There is a poll on Fandom : https://farcry.fandom.com/d/p/4400000000000050026

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FileCrasher FileCrasher 24 September 2021

Far Cry Wiki statistics

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DauHoangNguyen1999 DauHoangNguyen1999 30 August 2021

Enemy categorization

Should there be a separate category for enemies who charge with SMG ?

Or merge the two categories Chargers and Berserkers into one ?

Or one category just for melee chargers, one category for both shotgun chargers (berserkers) and SMG chargers, since they both charge with guns ?

They all attack by charging, the difference is that they charge with 3 different types of weapons: SMG or shotguns or melee weapons. Having a separate category for shotgun chargers while putting SMG chargers and melee chargers in the same category just doesn't seem right.

FileCrasher what do you think about this ?

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FileCrasher FileCrasher 14 August 2021

Where are the blogs?

Greetings, dear editors and readers of the Far Cry Wiki!

Did you know that a whole year has passed since the day the last blog was written? This is a very bad sign! I propose to intensify your activity and continue to write about something interesting.

And we also really need competent editors who know all the details of the games in the Far Cry series. In short, write...

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Hi! My name is Mateus, Carlos Mateus Araujo de Carvalho! 

I was born on October 6, 1994, in the city of Fortaleza in the state of Ceara in Brazil.

I am an extremely simple person, insensitive, lucid, detached, abnormal, inopportunistic, understanding, unnatural.
I'm an introvert, I could not relate, I was very quiet. But I still have extreme reason and high irony. Every time I explain with understanding and the other person responds opportunely for more or less understanding or intolerance, I use my extreme reasoning and I respond for high ironies, with or without rejoicing (if necessary)

I do not like to interact in things without thinking 3 or 5 times, and also do not use the word "believe" for everything in life, but only the word "understa…

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KylarGaming KylarGaming 5 August 2020

Far Cry 6 Map Editor

This blog will be about ideas for features in the Far Cry 6 Map Editor.

  • Custom Objects that you could save to a folder, maybe even upload them to an asset library. 
  • More objects from previous far cry games.
  • Customizable NPCs, at least make it so the weapons can be changed. 
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Demetri.vlahos Demetri.vlahos 10 May 2020

Farcry 5

Far Cry 5 is first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. It was released on the 27th of March 2018 it is the standalone successor to the 2014's Far Cry 4, and the fifth main installment in the Far Cry series. The game takes place in Hope County, a fictional region of Montana, United States.

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XxSoggyNurgetxX XxSoggyNurgetxX 8 January 2020


Hello, fellow Far Cry players. 

So I usually play fallout 4 but I'm trying new things and I have just started playing Far Cry New Dawn, it's much different than fallout but its still very fun. the controls and stuff are kind of complicated, could anyone give me tips? If anybody could tell me how to get perks for like safe unlocking and other things like that that would be very helpful.

Thank you all very much! Please comment if you have any suggestions.

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KamelSai KamelSai 24 August 2019

The Faithful One and Yakshini's role in Kyrati legend and culture (FC4)

I will be updating this post of any notes I find about The Faithful One and Yakshini's role in Kyrati legend and culture throughout FC4

Note: These will definetely be out of order of when you're supposed to read them, so when analyzing them, just be aware of that. I will put a note on those that are written by the faithful one, vs ones that are written by other Kyrati people who have any notes on shrines that are suggested to be of Yakshini's. 

Yakshini, My Dark Mistress

Location: Yakshini's Ecstacy

Character in question: The Faithful One


My mind is with Yakshini but my body can hardly follow. She is exhausting me. Is she even human? I feel compelled to satisfy her every need. Whatever she wants me to do, I have the urge to obey. I am her …

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KamelSai KamelSai 23 August 2019

Yakshini and her very devoted follower "The Faithful One"

Through out my playthrough of Far Cry 4 I realized that, there are a load of hidden mystery characters that people have looked over. An 8 yr old boy named Tapan who's father was taken away by Pagan's army for praying in the South (Tirtha Village), Sir Nigel- a royal guard member who helps Yuma find artifacts relating to Kalinag's adventures in search for Shangri La, and a whole bunch of others, but I didn't expect a key player to the Goat's complete murder fest would be completely over looked by the whole community. People have stated that they think they only came upon this character's notes only once and think it's just one note, but this is entirely false. Most people find the note where the Yalung mask is, one that "The Faithful One" w…

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Oziman Oziman 15 May 2019

My impressions of Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness DLC

Great game. It's very fun if you're crossing stealth. The system of gaining and losing perks from the fact that you are noticed is remarkable. All in all, like a classic FPS game, where you will shoot and run around, it is unsatisfactory, but it is not even conceived as such. This DLC is conceived as a stealth game and is remarkable in that.

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Dookatroopa3 Dookatroopa3 10 April 2019


Hello there, guys! I'm here to peace.

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ReverendV92 ReverendV92 4 December 2018

Wiki Updates

I've done some changes to the Wiki today.

  • The Leaderboard Achievements have been updated. Before, a fair few of the names had empty strings. All of them have been named, and are a bit more specific on what they are.
  • Talk Pages have been replaced with Message Walls. You no longer have to manually sign & header your posts, and I don't have to do it for you any longer. You can find the talk page archive at the bottom of your Message Wall.
  • The chat function was disabled, since no one ever used it.
  • The comment function on pages has been enabled in the place of both the chat function & talk pages. Talk pages suffered from the same issue personal talk pages had, with a frequent disregard for signatures and headers. This alleviates that.
  • Anonymous edit…

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Downtoearth1 Downtoearth1 14 July 2018

Inside Eden’s Gate

I am going to work on Inside Eden’s Gate, i believe i have already done the protagonists except for linny which i am about to do. Someone needs to add family to character infoboxes, for example Jacob Seed is Josephs brother or Linny is Marks sister, i believe it is required. We also need to update equipment pages, adding in the information from Far Cry 5, such as binoculars and medkits.

-14 July 2018

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Far cry homy Far cry homy 25 June 2018

my account on ps4

idf you want to friend me to play far cry 5 or 4 my username is tcharles1967 and i have a far cry comunity called "far cry homy's"

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Far cry homy Far cry homy 24 June 2018

a mistake in my previus blog post

my best map in far cry 4 is "drugslord" or "stop the drugslord" but there are differend coppy's. my best one is with a "x" or a "one" after the word drugslord

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Far cry homy Far cry homy 23 June 2018

far cry when i am online

i play on ps4 if you want to be my friend my username is charles1967. im now online from monday until thursday because friday its my last day of school. i will make a far cry comunitie or join one. i have far cry 4 and 5 im pretty good at making maps on far cry 4 if you want to play my best one its "stop the drugslord". i need to realn at far cry 5 arcade but im pretty good in campaing. it suck that i competed everything in far cry 4 but with issues my hole history is gone so dont expect me to have done the campaing on far cry 4 i need to beging. im from belgium so if you want to play with me and you're in a diferend time zone you know why im not online at that hour.

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ReverendV92 ReverendV92 30 May 2018

Hours of Darkness Achievements

So the achievements for Hours of Darkness are out, at least partially.

The Welcome to Nam achievement also had a badge in the list yesterday morning, but it was removed a few hours later.

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DanteRinri DanteRinri 27 May 2018

Far Cry Uplay Rewards

  • 1 Far Cry 3
    • 1.1 Exclusive Assignment
    • 1.2 Revolving gift
    • 1.3 Tattoo Pack
    • 1.4 Far Cry 3 Theme
  • 2 Gallery of FC3 Rewards

  • Legendary
  • Exclusive Single player mission Testing Unit.
  • Unlock by : 40 Uplay Points

  • Epic
  • Special weapon Cannon handgun for Single Player.
  • Unlock by : 30 Uplay Points

  • Rare
  • Far Cry 3 Exclusive tattoos for the Tattoo Editor in Multiplayer.
  • Unlock by : 20 Uplay Points

  • Common
  • A Far Cry 3 Theme for the PlayStation 3 system.
  • Unlock by : Free

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Valerius83 Valerius83 26 May 2018


And again I am addicted to making Wiki-pages... Did it already for a few games. And since it is very time consuming and changes the way you play the game (always looking for info/that one picture) I promissed myself not to do it again. Broke a promisse...

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ReverendV92 ReverendV92 3 May 2018

Template Index

There's a number of templates already on the wiki, but they're also ancient-as-hell and don't work on the new layouts and such.

I've been making a bunch of useful templates to improve quality and streamline workflow.

This is a list of all the templates I've been working on:

  • 1 Icons
    • 1.1 Platforms
    • 1.2 Locations
    • 1.3 Items
  • 2 Game-Specific Spoilers
  • 3 Automatic Categories
    • 3.1 Generic
    • 3.2 Far Cry 2
    • 3.3 Far Cry 3
    • 3.4 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
    • 3.5 Far Cry 4
    • 3.6 Far Cry Primal
    • 3.7 Far Cry 5
    • 3.8 Far Cry 5 DLC
    • 3.9 New-Format Infoboxes
  • 4 Follow Up

  • Template:Icon Steam
  • Template:Icon UPlay
  • Template:Icon Xbox
  • Template:Icon Playstation

  • Template:Icon Worldwide
  • Template:Flag AU
  • Template:Flag CA
  • Template:Flag DE
  • Template:Flag EU
  • Template:Flag GB
  • Template:Flag US

More available as needed, as the icons I used are…

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Sjadgef Sjadgef 28 April 2018

Question: Characters' metrics

For example Joseph Seed infobox contains precise height and weight values (not rounded), are they based on anything or is it just random shit people type in solely based on in-game appearance?

How can you even measure a character's height let alone weight in the game? I'd understand if these were rounded (~180cm, ~75kg), but a precise value gives an impression of information behind it.

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Wikiawrider Wikiawrider 19 April 2018

Paul "De Pleur" Harmon removed?!!

Ok the user who had removed the page Paul "De Pleur" Harmon must report to me the reason wy that site was removed! Im pissed about other removing pages without my APPROVAL!!! Now thanks to that Idot, Paul is no longer a part of this wiki, and all who had given info has been wasted! So thanks a lot, I'll get to bottom of this, and make sure that Only I can remove pages in the future!!!

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Theguywhowatcheseverything Theguywhowatcheseverything 13 April 2018

We need more pages

I've done a lot of work in my short time on this wiki, and there's only so much I can do. We need character pages for Tammy Barnes and Wheaty. I created the bare bones of a page for Dr. Charles Lindsey, help me grow that, and we also need way more pictures. There are a lot of grammar and spelling errors, those need to be fixed, and the Gun for Hire pages need to be better. I'm planning on doing a lot more, and together, we can make this wiki into something readable. 

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SnowyMcSnow SnowyMcSnow 12 April 2018

Wiki Issues

Making this to get my point across that this Wiki is fundamentally broken. You have all the pieces here but none of them are fitting. You're missing articles for half of the games, including animals and describing them for only one game despite multiple appearances. Some of them come off as a friend describing the game to another friend only for one gaming platform. I found one describing only PC controls under elephants with a cheeky writing style. There's no structure or consistenty, one page is written like a proper elegant article and another looks like is written by a thirteen year old with less enthusiasm for a school project.

I'm trying to help, I add what I can, I fix what I find but I am one man and good god does this Wiki need a …

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VicVague VicVague 30 March 2018

My Favorite Games


10. Wolfenstein II: The New Collossus

Machine games really perfected the formula with this kickass first person shooter. I usually don't play a lot of shooter games, but this is too good to ignore. Shooting, stabbing and strangling the Waffen S.S. never has looked this good and been so fun. The Nazi's though they defeated B.J. Blaskowitz when the beheaded him in front of the worldwide reich, but B.J. will never truely be killed. Duel Wielding triple barreled shotguns and huge assualt rifles is great and very smooth. Graphics are very slick during combat and the sound effects are simplily divine. The huge machines stomping around and launching themselves at you are amazing and so lifelike. The nazis are so unrelenting,…

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VicVague VicVague 30 March 2018

Facts about VicVague

Name: VicVague

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Welsh

Height: 5'11

Weight: 168

Hair: Straight, Brown

Eyes: Blue

Birth: March 16, 2002

Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

Current residence: Westbrook, Connecticut

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite TV shows: Tokyo Ghoul, Rick and Morty, The Office, Wrecked, Soul Eater and American Horror Story.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Godzilla, M.U.T.O., Juuzou Suzuya, Ken Kaneki, Fataba Sakura and King Kong.

Favorite Video Game Genre: RPG

Favorite Video Games: Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Persona 5, Evolve, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Outlast 2, Hollow Knight and Nioh.

Favorite Film Genre: Horror

Favorite Movies: Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island, Alien: Covanent, Black Panther, Fury, The Conjuring, Princess Mononoke, Jurrassic World, Mad …

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VicVague VicVague 29 March 2018

Vaas vs. Pagan vs. Seed

Vaas is widly considered the best villian in the Far Cry series. I somewhat disagree that he is superior to Pagan and Seed but I will break it down and decide. I won't add Ull from Far Cry Primal because reasons that I won't state because they are not good reasons, I'm just lazy as fuck.


Pagan wins this by a clear mile. Not only does he have a pretty talented pair of vocal cords, but his suit and clothes beat Vaas' camoflague pants and red shirt any day. I persoanlly hate wearing coats and ties but Pagan Min ears it rather terrifically. 

Joseph Seed is last in this regard because looking like a borderline pedofile with his aviator tinted glasses and creepy marks doesn't compare with Pagan Min.

Winner: Pagan Min

Resources and Military:


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Alexray35 Alexray35 29 March 2018

Everything I've Found in FC5 so far - SPOILERS

  • A note about what happened to Alex, one of the protagonists of Inside Eden's Gate, can be found.
  • In one of Dutch's first missions (The Resistance), the player is tasked to secure a radio tower, Dutch mentions that that is the only radio tower that the player will need to secure making a reference to previous Far Cry games and most Assassin's Creed games where the player had to secure numerous towers in order to unlock the map of surrounding areas.
  • There can be found books titled "Trials of the Rakyat" referencing the Rakyat from Far Cry 3.
  • Several books can be found with references to other Far Cry games.
    • Blood Dragon 2: Darling Revengeance - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    • Mumu's Fashion Week - Mumu Chiffon from Far Cry 4
    • Oros: A Mesolithic Paradise - …
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VicVague VicVague 29 March 2018


This is my first blog on the Far Cry Wiki and there will be plenty to come... trust me. 

I am trying hard to not spoil FC5 for myself before I get it, but seeing commercials for the game is driving me insane, because it is soooo tempting to learn more about the Seed family.

People get pissy about FC5 being the same as other FC games, but what is so terrible about comfort food, you know? Why not have a familiar series that gives you the same fun activities here and there? The developers aren't going to be able to please all of you, but more importantly, they will make a game that THEY want to make, instead of struggling to meet all of your bullshit demands and make a shit game in the process. Far Cry is a solid series and it succeeds in being…

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Soloman026 Soloman026 6 February 2018

Best line

Best line in Farcry 3 is the good doctor saying. “I am high as a kite, and the greenhouse is on fire”

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ItalianWeaponNJ ItalianWeaponNJ 5 December 2017

Follow this shyitt


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Cohalo29 Cohalo29 16 October 2017


My name is Cohalo29 and my favorite charactors in far cry 4 is Paul De Pleur.

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Cohalo29 Cohalo29 16 October 2017

Cohalo29 blog

My name is Cohalo29 and my favorite charactor in all of Far cry series Paul De Pleur From Far Cry 4.

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Tomtheman99 Tomtheman99 24 August 2017

Will Far Cry 5 makes connections to all the previous games in the series?

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NGBKing203 NGBKing203 7 June 2017

The Wait for Far Cry 5

Man, i sure am super excited for FC 5 but we are going to have to wait until 2018 for it to come out.

The game looks very good (in my opinion) and many people are curious about what we are gonna get and experience in this game.

I am actually happy to hear it's coming out next year, it means the developers are really trying hard to perfect it before they release it, knowing all the fans are hoping for the best.

As for the new characters, we play as a new sheriff's deputy, however nothing is known about him/her yet.

And we are a part of a resistance against a dangerous cult, led by Joseph seed (A.K.A The Father) and his siblings.

The new villains look amazing and i can't wait to see what they are like in the game.

Overall, i think it's looking dam…

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NGBKing203 NGBKing203 4 June 2017

Jacob and John Seed

Hmm. it seems that there is some confusion about who is Jacob and John seed in the new far cry 5 poster.

Somebody had posted a picture of John in the article of Jacob, and it also happened the other way around.

But the guy on the right HAS to be Jacob because i noticed that he has army tags on him, also he looks like a soldier.

But no harm done i myself have already fixed the problem. :)

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FPSJamesBond FPSJamesBond 24 August 2016

First Blog post yay!

Name is: FPSJamesBond

I love video games, guns, movies and history. I know about guns, you could say that I am a gun nerd as well as a history nerd, but someone has know a lot about guns and history around here. I know a bit of everything from the M1911 to the M16 to the M1 Garand. History wise, well I know stuff from, the American Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, but I know alot about World War II. Did you know that the first operational jet fighter was the German Messerschmitt Me 262? I am a big fan of shooters, action games, and strategy based games. Favorite Game: Battlefield. Because battlefield is batter, with controllable vehicles, stationary emplacements, aircraft and boats.
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Skyler and Jonny Fan Skyler and Jonny Fan 17 July 2016

the boat

it's the boat

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MatheusCormac MatheusCormac 16 July 2016



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KingMinsKyrat KingMinsKyrat 3 July 2016

Page Vandal

Ah there seems to be some sort of page vandal on the loose within the wiki. It's honestly annoying af and just pointless to vandalize these pages.

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999killshot99 999killshot99 16 June 2016



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NarendraMartosudarmo NarendraMartosudarmo 12 February 2016


Hi everyone. I just want to say that it is an honor to be a part of the Far Cry Wiki, and I am extremely excited for Far Cry Primal because I love the prehistoric age and its wildlife.

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