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Far Cry 3

“Hope you aren't kosher, because boars are the primary food source on Rook Island.”
Survival Guide

The Boar is a predator animal featured in Far CryFar Cry 3, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Far Cry Primal, and Far Cry 5. Timed attacks are crucial. After killing the boar, you can use their hide to craft items. The first two boar hides are given to you via tutorial in order to create the Simple Rucksack. The "Simple Ammo Pouch" also needs boar hides to be crafted. 

Boars are often found in groups ranging from three individuals to upwards of eight, and will charge any intruders that get too close or attack them, giving them the 'predator' tag when sighting them with the camera. They are fast and can take quite a bit of gunfire, and large groups of them can be surprisingly lethal.

It is easy to mistake a boar for a pig. The main differences are their skin colour, which is brown on boars and reddish or pink on pigs, and the large visible tusks the boar has.

An area to find boars is X:440 Y:640, north of the Northview Gas outpost.


  • Some boars actually have darker fur and larger tusks than others. Besides those physical differences, the animals have the same amount of health and deal the same damage to the player.
  • Boars in Far Cry 3 most closely resemble Eurasian boars, with larger torsos, being completely covered in fur, and tusks that curve forward and up.

Blood Dragon

“It’s a boar. Sure, all the other critters here are also unique with metal this or cyber that. Some even shoot frickin’ laser beams. Laser beams! Let that sink in as you wander around, wondering where Mother Nature stops and Science begins, wondering whose prick idea it was to give birds that don’t fly the insight to realize they can’t fly. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh right. Boar.”
Data Console

The Boar in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is much the same as it is in Far Cry 3; it lacks any kind of mechanical modifications or metal coating.  However, someone seems to have written "Sloan Sucks" in red, which could be either red paint or blood, on the sides of every boar.

Far Cry Primal

Wild Boars appear again in Far Cry Primal.  Boars are found in the forests of the Western region of Oros.  Boars will attack the player unprovoked, even if they are accompanied by a beast, but they are fairly easy kills.  Boars have 2 Health and do 2 Damage, and are rated as being of medium hunting difficulty.  Boar Skin is used to upgrade items in the Crafting Menu.


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