Boats are vehicles that can be used to travel on water in Far Cry 2. Boats can be found from docks and when enemies drive with it. There are also shipwreck boats around the world.

Boat usefulness

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Boat in a dock.

Boats can be used to go a shortcut from point A to point B. If the player has to go to a place which is across the lake, he/she could use boats, instead of going many miles longer route.

Similarly, when enemies shoot at the boat, they might be unable to follow the player at there, resulting in less bullets hitting the boat.

The boats cannot sink. Even if the player would shoot a whole clip into the bottom of the boat, there would not be any water coming. Only the engline will start smoking.

Other info

The repairing animation of the boat includes twisting a screw near the engine with a wrench. It is quite similar to car repairing.

If the player loses control of the boat and lands, he/she will be unable to use that boat anymore. The boat cannot be pushed on the water, except with explosives and that will destroy the whole boat.

In the first mission including Xianyong Bai, the player has to defend the ship filled with ammunition untiö reaching the capital. That ship can not be destroyed, proven with multiple mortar hits on the ship. The player only has to fix the engine when enough damage has been taken.

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