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A map of Bowa-Seko

Bowa-Seko is the southern region of the unnamed country in Far Cry 2. The region will be unlocked after the player finishes all primary missions in Leboa-Sako. Mosate-Selao is the town where the factions reside. The town is under ceasefire, but some of the roofs have ladders which the player can use to snipe someone but not be detected in doing so.

This area first features the Assault Truck and Swamp Boat with the M2 .50 cal and Mk 19 for use by the player. Bowa Seko seems to be somewhat more developed than the northern region, Leboa-Sako. This can clearly be seen in the town Mosate Selao.

This area also features a large lake, Lake Segolo, in the center as opposed to the rivers in the Leboa-Sako. Lake Segolo also has several islands in it.



  • A location inspired by Bowa-Seko was released as a Far Cry Arcade map in Far Cry 5 as Sepoko Hunt[1]
  • Bowa-Seko is constantly mentioned in Far Cry 3 and 4, being referred by Hurk and Longinus as the source of blood diamonds.


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