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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

Bridge Control is an Outpost on the Southern Island in Far Cry 3.

The hunt for the Albino Crocodile in a Path of the Hunter quest begins nearby.

The old checkpoint of a bridge, and is used by Privateers.


Stealth is relatively easy to achieve here. If a player has a suppressed sniper rifle, a hill to the south provides excellent sniping opportunity. However, this outpost is mostly an open area with hostiles seeing each other most of the time, so it might be difficult to place shots in such a manner that enemies don't see each other die. For a takedown-based approach, the entrance to the east (right near the little pier at the river) is a good place to start. A big metal container with heavy foliage behind it provides an opportunity to lure hostiles out, take them down and hide the bodies in the bushes.