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“Buffalo are used by the Rakyat for everything from labor to milk and meat. They taste good, make excellent pack animals, and are even used as part of a dowry by more traditional Rook Island families, because a buffalo is forever (disclaimer: a buffalo's lifespan is 15 years).”
Survival Guide


Buffaloes are animals that can be found in Far Cry 3. Most of the time, buffaloes can be found in herds and are content to ignore you but will charge if you get too close. They scatter if they hear gunfire. When hunting one, make sure your first hit dishes out as much damage as possible, from a sniper headshot or a close-range shotgun blast, then be ready to chase it down. Nothing short of a clean RPG, Z93 or AMR hit can kill a buffalo in one shot, and they can even shrug off being hit at high speeds with a vehicle.

Rarely, you can find an aggressive buffalo that attacks you on sight. They can move much faster than the player would expect and while they are easy to dodge, they knock you backward and down on contact. This gives them the time to set up another charge, which can be lethal. A buffalo herd can be quite devastating if the player manages to anger some of the animals near an outpost, since a single buffalo can take down several pirates/privateers before dying.

Buffaloes can be seen hunted by tigers mostly, but also by smaller predators such as Komodo Dragons and Leopards

Buffaloes are listed as predators on the camera as they will attack humans if provoked. 

Their hides can be used in crafting. Two hides are needed to craft the rugged ammunition pouch.


  • The buffaloes seen in the game are regular water buffaloes, commonly found in Eastern Asia as farm animals.
  • You can tell if a buffalo is about to charge you, when it lowers its head and starts scraping the ground with its left front hoof. 
  • Like the Cassowary and the Pig, only two buffalo hides are needed in crafting recipes, used to make the Rugged Ammunition Pouch.
  • There is a rare One Horn buffalo in a Path of the Hunter mission. This beast can be found near Camp Murder with four other regular buffaloes, and must be hunted with a shotgun. Like other rare animals, it is harder to kill and inflicts more damage on the player. Its skin can be used to craft the Extended Wallet.


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