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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

"Bull Sharks are extremely common around Rook Island and live in both saltwater and freshwater. They also bear a striking resemblance to my ex mother-in-law, but her two staples are vodka and gin."

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Bull Sharks are animals found in oceans of Far Cry 3. They attack when the Player is submerged or in the water, but will not attack players mounted on jet skis. When in a certain radius from a shark, and in the water, they become noticeably agitated and make a beeline for their prey.

Sharks can be killed by firing at them from inside the water, or by ramming them at high speed with a jet ski or boat. Often when attacked, the player will be prompted to "mash" a button to perform an action that will usually kill the shark. Once killed, sharks sink to the ocean floor, where the player can obtain Shark Skin from them. However, the Bull Shark can be a challenge to kill.


  • Shark skin sells for the high price of $30, making it good loot due to its relative abundance.
  • 1 shark on its own is not very dangerous, but a group of sharks will most likely lead to death.
  • The Animal Repellant syringe does not work on Bull Sharks, as they are aquatic animals.
  • The Heavy Takedown skill is unlocked by killing Bull Sharks.
  • In reality, Bull Sharks often swim upstream into brackish or freshwater rivers, however they can only be found in the ocean in Far Cry 3.
  • At the beach, the Player can sometimes find a shark stranded in shallow water, which makes for an easy kill from some distance away.