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Cab Driver

The Cab Driver, taking you to Pala.

The Cab Driver is an anonymous native character in Far Cry 2.


He takes you from the Airfield (Leboa-Sako) to the hotel in Pala during the beginning  of the 10 minute intro. He talks to you along the way, and despite your character visibly being a mercenary, he tries to hide the conflict from you and treats you like an everyday tourist.

Players will note his frustrations in failing to convince some of the locals that the last plane has left the country and another driver almost collided with the jeep to which he responds "Bloody idiot, no one follows the rules anymore".

Note worthy, when the car radio changes from music of the UFLL to propaganda of the APR, he immediately switches it off and simply tells the player that "they must not be fans of the DJ".

He pretends that the dry season starts many fires and that it burnt down his brother's farm, though it is obvious from the state of conflict the country is in, that the fires were started by the militias. It is not known what happens to the cab driver after he drops you off at the hotel, as he is never seen again.


  • He is the first character the player encounters in the entire game.
  • The cab he drives is a fully convertible Jeep. This is available to drive in-game, but also there is a Jeep with a hard top roof and a Jeep with a sunroof. This is probably so that the player can take a better look at the new environment during the intro, as the roof would obstruct some of the view.
  • During your malaria seizure, when the cab driver stops at the hotel, he is unaware of your sickness and says that "you are just tired". Somehow, you end up in the hotel room without any memory of how you got into the hotel in the first place. However, it can be assumed that either the cab driver or some other good Samaritan helped the ill player get to the hotel room.