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Call of the Wild is a side story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in Jacob Seed's region of Whitetail Mountains. This mission requires the player to destroy all ten Wolf Beacons in the region. Doing so will help build the players reputation needed to gain a confrontation with Jacob and will also complete objectives needed for the Troublemaker Achievement.  The quest giver for this mission is Tammy Barnes


Destroy the Wolf Beacons in Whitetail Mountains. (First a set of four, then a set a 6)

An armed Helicopter is the best way of doing this mission. The beacons have a red light on top, cearly visible night and day, but sometimes hidden behind trees. Shoot the square structure at the bottom of the beacon tower. Missiles help, but the helicopters mounted machine gun will get the job done.


Players will gain access to this side mission after completing Radio Silence. Tammy will call the player and tell them that she believes destroying the beacons is good for the resistance. Four beacons will be shown on the map. These can be destroyed from a safe distance by using an armed helicopter. After they are gone, the player will be tasked to track down and destroy 6 more. These will not be on the map and will have to be located by the player.


200 RP, $1,600


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