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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

« When British missionaries arrived on Rook Island in the late 1800s they erected this massive cross to announce the arrival of the word of god. It was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt by the pirates as an execution site. It's so comforting to see someone take a religious symbol literally. »

Survival Guide

Calvary Point is a location in Far Cry 3. It is a rocky hill surrounded by foliage on top of a steep plateau with a makeshift Christian cross on its peak.

Access Tips

  • There are a number of items on top of Cavalry Point that a passing Jason will find out of reach. This is due to the fact that the passage up the cliff has decayed or has been intentionally destroyed. The most efficient method for immediate access is to commandeer a nearby Hang Glider. It is located precisely at (x:564.9, y:675.6) on the map. Which is a little way east of the Dingo hunting area icon, a little ways north-east of the nearby Radio Tower and immediately north-west of the nearby Supply Drop mission.
  • There is also a Hang Glider at (x:553.7, y:666.7), almost due east of Cavalry Point and just west of the Radio Tower.
  • Actually, near the corner where the wooden ladder/steps have been destroyed there are several terraced rocks, that you can jump onto, by then using sprint (not run) forward movement and jump (mashing the jump key) you can actually make it onto the broken steps. some more jumping on the nearby rock will get up there directly.