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Seats 2
Weaponry None
Speed Fast
Armour Factor Low
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The Car is a civilian transport vehicle in Far Cry 2. The car is the second-most-readily available vehicle in the game and the first vehicle available to use in the tutorial.

The car is a semi-fast vehicle with no weaponry. It is highly maneuverable and handles well both on and off road. The car has very little armor, thus players are unlikely to drive a car through enemy checkpoints.

Still, it is an excellent way to travel somewhere quickly, as long as you have plenty of syrettes and ammo in case of an ambush. The car is also a good way to block a road, such as a bridge. This is very useful in missions that require you to destroy a convoy.

Paint schemes of the car include white, red, blue, and yellow. Cars are generally driven by one mercenary


In multiplayer, a passenger can ride along, able to use a weapon out the window. Its thin armor makes it a poor choice for any serious assault, but the vehicle is good for transportation, nonetheless. Try putting an IED on the back bumper and having a friend drive it in and drop it off near the enemy. As with all vehicles, the paint scheme depends on what side you are playing.


  • The car has a thin armor so it won't last long without repairs.
  • A passenger with a Mac-10 or Uzi can provide average defense for the vehicle.
  • It's the second fastest vehicle, with the buggy being the fastest.
  • When the driving mercenary spots the player, he will try to run down the player, and if he fails, he will get out of the car and try to attack with his own weapons. The player can avoid the car by strafing to the right, which also gives player a chance to kill him with a melee weapon.
    • Players often exploit the limits of the AI by simply dodging an enemy car or making the vehicle stuck. A mercenary will then be forced to get out of the car in which it will take time for him to draw his weapon, making him vulnerable to attack.
  • When using the car, it is best to avoid areas populated by enemies, due to the fact that the car has little armor and no weapons.


  • The car seems to be based on a Datsun 1200 Coupe.
  • The car has a 4-cylinder gasoline engine and a two-speed transmission.
  • The RPM of the car seems to top out at around 9000 RPM. It can travel about 60 mph on a flat road.