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Casey Fixman is a member of the Resistance in Far Cry 5. He works as combined chef, waiter, and cleaner in the Spread Eagle Bar in Fall's End.

Far Cry 5

Testy Festy

Main Article: Testy Festy He asks the Junior Deputy's assistance to acquire the Testy Festy Trailer in order to raise the spirits and morale of the Resistance, by holding the Annual Testicle Festival of Fall's End.

Prairie Oyster Harvest

Main Article: Prairie Oyster Harvest

After obtaining the festival cart, you need to start collecting testicles come balls for Casey's new recipes.

Far Cry New Dawn

Due to him never being seen nor referenced, it is unknown what ultimately became of him.


  • Casey is an homage to Casey Ryback, the protagonist of the Under Siege movie series, played by Steven Seagal. In early drafts of the game's story, the character himself was even called Casey Seagal to make the reference more apparent.[2]
  • While being idle, Casey may mention to the Junior Deputy that he was once part of a special unit sent to South America to dismantle a cartel, a joking reference to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, another open-world Ubisoft title.[3] However, he is quickly dismissive of his claim, saying that he was watching too many movies.[4]
  • Casey mentions he knows the fate and the identity of The Jackal from Far Cry 2 but cannot say anything about it until the government declassifies The Jackal's file, which is due in 2058.[5]
  • Casey serves as the quest giver for the Hambearger Live Event, being featured in the comic.



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