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Below is a list of equipment that players can use in Far Cry 3


  • Equipment rucksack - Players craft one of these during the quest "Harvest the Jungle". The Equipment rucksack allows players to carry more animal skins, plants and loot. It can also be upgraded to hold more. Crafting requires 2 boar skins. The second upgrade requires 2 tapir hides.
  • Ammunition pouch - Used to carry more ammunition, can be upgraded. Requires 2 boar hides.
  • Arrow Quiver - Allows players to carry more bow ammunition requires 1 goat skin
  • Wallet - Allows players to carry 1000 more dollars with each upgrade.
  • Munitions pouch - Allows players to carry one more c4 charges or mines with each upgrade.

Note: None of the aforementioned equipment is visible in first-person view.

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